How does State President To Lam obey China in long term?

The Communist political elite fought each other in matches not not fair but matches according to the arguments of the strong, and were locked in a cage. That cage only accepts players who are tame to Beijing. From General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong down, no one intended to leave Beijing’s orbit.

To gain power in the Party, last year, State President To Lam made a visit to Beijing to express his sincerity.

On September 13, 2023, right after US President Joe Biden boarded the plane to return home, then Minister of Public Security To Lam made a five-day visit to Beijing. It is unclear what did he discuss with the Chinese side.

Later, when facing fierce attacks by To Lam at home, then top legislator Vuong Dinh Hue also left for Beijing to “ask for help.” His trip lasted for 7 days. However, upon arriving at Noi Bai airport, his assistant Pham Thai Ha was arrested.

Some people analyzed that To Lam went to Beijing while he was still plotting, and only after returning did he carry out the plot. This shows that To Lam came to Beijing with a premeditation, to roll out the red carpet to invite the “Northern Dynasty” into his home.

As for Vuong Dinh Hue’s trip, it was just to ask for help when he was being pressured. Assuming Hue was not cornered, would he go to Beijing or not? In a superior position, should Xi Jinping choose someone who tames him from the beginning, or choose someone who will only ask for help when he reaches a dead end?

Between two people who both obey, Xi Jinping will definitely choose To Lam, instead of Vuong Dinh Hue. Those who submit early often have specific plans to offer to China because they have carefully prepared. If intervention is needed, Beijing only needs to intervene in that plan, without taking direct action, avoiding diplomatic troubles, in the context that for China there are also many issues that need to be resolved.

Meanwhile, if they take action to save Vuong Dinh Hue, Beijing may have to intervene directly, thus, they will face strong reactions from the international community and the Vietnamese people.

Top communist leader Trong has submitted to China for a long time. He signed with Xi Jinping many documents beneficial to Beijing, including one allowing Beijing to train human resources for the Communist Party of Vietnam. Trong is now old and weak, and it is time for Beijing to consider the problem of replacement. The most promising person is none other than To Lam.

A separate source told that To Lam had a secret meeting with the Chinese side, and promised to “lease” Lao Cai province for 99 years. If this information is true, then Vietnam is facing the risk of losing its sovereignty. Because Beijing’s greed is bottomless, it can never satisfy them.

It is known that the mysterious deaths of high-ranking Vietnamese officials, after contracting a strange disease, all have one thing in common – that is, they contracted the disease not long after visiting China. From Nguyen Ba Thanh, Tran Dai Quang, to Le Van Thanh, it’s all like that. This makes analysts suspect that, perhaps, Beijing holds the lives of high-ranking Vietnamese officials, and from there controls these people.

On the contrary, Trong was enthusiastically cared for by a team of Chinese doctors and nurses. Obviously, it was this team that saved him many times from the scythe of death, especially after he suddenly collapsed in Kien Giang in 2019. Currently, they are also prolonging his life at the Military Hospital 108.

Thus, Beijing can save the lives of high-ranking Vietnamese officials, but it can also destroy them. It can be said that it is difficult for any official to escape Beijing’s control. And To Lam, if he wants to seize all power for himself, to dominate the Communist Party of Vietnam, he must do the same.

Under To Lam’s leadership, Vietnam will continue to lose a lot to Beijing, and at the same time, people will have to live under the harshness of this notorious police general.


Hoang Phuc –