Dong Tam case: Party fears of being internationalized

It can be said that most of the information about the attack on Hoanh village, Dong Tam commune and the killing of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh started and spread through the Facebook network.
A Facebook spokesman recently spoke to Vietnamese VOA after the Ministry of Information and Communications declared “impatient” to FB about the Dong Tam case.
The representative of FB said “People go to Facebook to discuss important events happening, and the situation in Dong Tam is not an exception.”
We are closely monitoring the situation in Dong Tam and will continue to remove any information that violates Community Standards in order to keep the community safe.
By following these Community Standards, we do not allow anyone to call, incite or threaten violence on Facebook, nor do we allow the organization of criminal activity.

The anti-peaceful revolution column of the Quan Doi Nhan Dan (People’s Army) newspaper has condemned a conspiracy called “Internationalizing the Dong Tam case.”
The article in the People’s Army newspaper named “Internationalize the Dong Tam incident – a conspiracy and conscience.”
Some foreign newspapers such as BBC Vietnamese, VOA, RFA, RFI … have many false articles.
In the US, Dieu Cay Nguyen Van Hai created the group “Action for Dong Tam” and transferred the “Report of the attack in Dong Tam” to the office of a US federal representative.
While the Ministry of Public Security blockaded over VND528 million ($22,500) for Mr. Kinh’s family, it got VND4 billion contributions from policemen for the families of three police officers who reportedly died in the attack.
Activist Nguyen Thuy Hanh was even forced to go to the police station for interrogation just because she received financial aids from other people for Mr. Kinh’s family.
Another fund set up abroad called GOFUNDME also received nearly $40,000 in support for Dong Tam villagers several days after Vietcombank freezed Mrs. Hanh’s account.

The Ministry of Information and Communications said that “Facebook reacts very slowly, bureaucratically and does what it want …
Some people have taken advantage of giving false information, distorting information to incite people to misunderstand about the disturbing publicity case, information that fights against the authorities on cross-border platforms like Facebook.

The New Hanoi newspaper said that “there are livestreaming videos up to several hours long, calling for violence”, but Facebook “still follows the old process of translating all into English and then taking regular assessments from 2 to 3 days…
Therefore, the representative of the Ministry of Information and Communications directly called a Facebook representative and stated: It is time for Vietnam to be impatient with Facebook if Facebook continues to not abide by Vietnamese law as they promised.”
Facebook now has a total of 2 billion users and this is the first time it has reacted to the Vietnamese government’s violation of the freedom of expression

Thanks to the bloody images in Mr. Kinh’s room and the picture of his body, people could understand how he was brutally executed.
Facebook’s Community Standards read: “We want people to be free to discuss issues that matter to them, even if someone may disagree or oppose them.
Facebook also received a request from the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Public Security to conduct prohibited acts under Vietnamese law such as “taking advantage of the provision and use of Internet services and online information” to “fight against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam State.”
The state-controlled newspapers acknowledge that the Forces 47 have more than 10,000 public opinion shappers still terror the people of Vietnam day and night, this is what they call the nuclear struggle on the cyberspace, “loyal and specialized,” “consistently established,” knowledgeble and have computer skills.

Activist Trinh Ba Phuong on January 12 posted an image on his personal Facebook, showing a notice of this social network sent to him related to the Dong Tam case, including: “Due to limitations local legislation, we have restricted access to your videos in Vietnam.”
Phuong also urged his friends and Facebook followers to “copy and transmit evidence” about what he said was “a Communist crime that massacred the people of Dong Tam.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Security issued a statement saying that “some subjects had acts of opposing, using grenades, petrol bombs, throwing knives … to attack functional forces, and disturbing public order.

Amnesty International recently announced that after the confrontation in Dong Tam killed four people, “the Vietnamese government increased its repression across the country with widespread arrests and censorship on social networks.
In a related development, Ambassador Giorgio Aliberti, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam, on January 21, met with Standing Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son and “reiterated deep concern” of the EU about the event taking place in Dong Tam commune and the use of violence of any kind.”
The EU regrets the casualties that occurred during a clash between security forces and citizens and demanded full transparency in assessing the cause and context of the event. The EU will continue to monitor the situation and be willing to help the Vietnamese government in the process of an independent and transparent investigation, ”the EU statement said.

Ambassador Giorgio Aliberti, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam, on January 21, met with Standing Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son

The People’s Army Newspaper also praised Vietnamese American lawyer Hoang Duy Hung and Vietnamese German Ho Ngoc Thang for “strongly condemned those who took advantage of Dong Tam incident to slander, distort the Party and the State.”
The police conclude that the “50k fund” initiated by Hanh was awarded the “human rights Le Dinh Luong 2019” by the terrorist organization Viet Tan.
The newspaper also said Nguyen Thuy Hanh was a terrorist sponsor, related to the terrorist organization Viet Tan. And call upon people to be very alert.
In another development, a group of 12 intellectuals in Hanoi filed a complaint that “the crime of killing Mr. Le Dinh Kinh” occurred, an act “violating criminal law.” The application stated that “through information from the Ministry of Public Security and online video clips,” they found Mr. Kinh “was shot at close range” and “died.”

The case of killing Kinh is being led by the Vietnamese authorities in the wrong direction. The Ministry of Public Security justified action shooting at people to kill people.
Over the past 75 years, these extreme injustices and cruelty have existed and caused disaster for millions of Vietnamese people.
Such suffering can only be stopped through a Democratic and Liberal institution that over 90 million Vietnamese are day and night expecting.

Hoang Trung from Hanoi – (translated)

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