Nguyen Phu Trong arogantly says “People believe and love the Party”

The image on VTV1 shows that Ho Chi Minh’s image was squashed into a corner, replaced by a big picture of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong

After a long absence from the public, Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)’s General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong suddenly appeared with many humorous statements in front of millions of people at home and abroad such as:
It’s rare for any ruling party in the world to be loved by the people like Our Party” or
Dark clouds cover the globe but the sun is still shining on Vietnam.”

On Jan 3, on the 90th anniversary of the establishment of CPV, Mr. Trong continued to be “highly inspired” with literary speech:
Our party has unrivaled power, nothing can be prevented

and “… with all the modesty of the revolutionaries, it can be said that our country has never had the highest opportunity, potential, prestige and position like today’s one.

… there is hardly any nation in the world when it comes to the ruling Party, the people are devoted to the respect, pride and love of the Vietnamese people towards the Communist Party of Vietnam.”

… international friends admire and look forward to learning from Vietnam’s experience.”

During the past 90 springs, our nation has the Party leading the way, inspecting and bringing our country’s revolutionary cause to success and success.”

In Vietnam, there is no other political force, other than the Communist Party of Vietnam, has enough bravery, wisdom, experience, prestige and ability to lead the country” …

After a series of corruption cases with wasteful projects and trillions of dong of investment, with the inferiority when the country’s sovereignty was violated by China in the East Sea (South China Sea), and especially the barbarous case that police officers led by General General To Lam killed 84-year-old communist Le Dinh Kinh right in his bedroom in Dong Tam commune … Many people thought that Mr. Trong was wrong when he thinks the Vietnamese people were in love with the Party, which he exclusively manipulated.

Master of computer Nguyen Tien Trung, a social activist who was sentenced to 7 years in prison by Vietnam’s authorities on charges of subversion

Nguyen Tien Trung said “It is known that Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong is a professor and PhD of the Party Construction field, meaning that he has been trained in social sciences. Actually, natural sciences and social sciences are based on very strict statistics, not what you say. To prove what Mr. Trong stated, I have two recommendations to Mr. Trong in particular and the CPV’s leadership in general:
Firstly, the communist party needs to comply with Article 25 of the Constitution, so that people can exercise their right to freedom of speech and press, meaning that people must be free to publish private newspapers. It is better if the Vietnamese people are freely to praise the communist party than Mr. Trong or the 47th force, the public opinion shappers are paid by the communist party from people’s tax.

The Party’s right to “press planning” as recently, forcing two newspapers “Humanitarian and life”, “Vietnam Economic Times” to cease operations, is an act of abuse of power, violating Article 25 of the Constitution promulgated by the Communist Party.

Tuoi Tre newspaper noted that “At present, the Force 47 has more than 10,000 people who are nuclear fighters on the cyberspace, steadfast in their stance and have high technology use qualifications.”

If the people really love the Communist Party as General Secretary Trong declares, the people will have more and more praises of the Communist Party when they have a free private press.
And if any “hostile forces” with the communist party write anything that offends the party, the people will automatically write an objection, the communist party does not need to take people’s tax money to support Forces 47.

The Vietnam People’s Army more than 10 thousands of opinion shappers (Force 47)

Secondly, the Communist Party needs to comply with Article 16 of the Constitution “Everyone is equal before the law” and Article 28 “citizens have the right to participate in state and social management” by stopping the persecution of dissidents and opposition parties.

Individuals and affiliates, though different from the political views of the communist party, must still have the freedom to form parties like the communists do.

If the communist party wins the majority of votes in an election with many parties attending, it will prove that Nguyen Phu Trong said true,
It will make the ruling Communist Party eligible for legitimacy and no “hostile forces” can defame the party.

Nguyen Tien Trung reiterated the promise of “industrialization and modernization of the country by 2020” made by then General Secretary Nong Duc Manh that Trong had probably forgotten.

In Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong’s speeches on the occasion of the New Year, there is no mention of the Communist Party’s goal of ‘industrializing and modernizing Vietnam by 2020.’ We people need an official statement from Mr. Trong that the goal of ‘industrialization and modernization’ in 2020 has been successful or failed?”

What are the lessons learned? Is CPV capable of realize “industrializing and modernizing” the country? What is the basis to believe that in 2030 or 2045 the communist party will “industrialize and modernize” successfully?

A huge goal repeated over and over by the communist leaders for decades but all of them remained silent in 2020. That is not a fair and honest attitude towards the Vietnamese people.

General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong giving a speech to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Party’s founding on Feb 3.

Just 5 days after the Dong Tam tragedy with the deaths of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh and 3 police officers, the Ministry of Public Security came up with 3 different scenarios to explain to the people what happened. “A distrust, a great deal of disbelief.”
All subsequent information released by the Ministry of Public Security is no longer credible. The final scenario of the Ministry of Public Security is also full of loopholes and can be easily debunked.

In order to “regain and consolidate the faith and love and esteem of the people” as Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong stated, CPV and its government should quickly organize an independent investigation without the partipation of the Ministry of Public Security, but the participation and supervision of independent international organizations such as the United Nations and the EU.

Experienced Vietnamese and international investigators will certainly very quickly determine what really happened in Dong Tam early on Jan 9.

Any script that is deceitful will certainly be left open and unable to surpass the people. Only honesty and transparency can convince the people and reassure the people. That’s how I suggest Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong and the communist leadership in order to regain the “belief” and “love” of the people.

I believe that the communist rulers listened to so many “with impure motives” so much that they included the Civil Service Cultural Project.

I believe that by doing what I have suggested, the Communist Party will surely gain the trust of me and many other Vietnamese citizens.

The head of the Communist Party, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong seems very ignorant, he is still drunk with Communism that countries around the world have abandoned for decades.

People in Vietnam have grown up and are smart enough to lead a better life for themselves and their families in democratic and free countries around the world.

90 years is more than enough, they will not let the Communist Party of Vietnam cheat again.

Hoang Trung from Ha Noi – (Translated)