Vietnamese top legislator Vuong Dinh Hue involved in espionage activities for China: Truth or rumor?

China’s domination of Vietnamese politics is real. In Vietnamese history, the names Tran Ich Tac, Le Chieu Thong… are still there. Under the current Communist dynasty, the list of those who betray the nation will continue to be extended.

Regarding Chairman of Vietnam’s legislative body Naitonal Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue’s assistant being arrested, journalist Le Xuan Nghia – a person living in Vietnam – did not hesitate to write “About Le Chieu Thong and Hoang Van Hoan, for me, everyone is wrong sometimes and can be sympathized. But the attempt to rely on foreign countries for personal gain is unacceptable!

The above-mentioned thing is related to the information revealed by the source of from Hanoi:

“Military Security is investigating espionage activities related to Vuong Dinh Hue. A Deputy Director of the Lang Son Police Department and a Head of the Criminal Department of the Lang Son Police Department were arrested for ‘robbing property of foreigners’ (but actually for spying for China). These two people were backed by Vuong Dinh Hue. Currently, Military Security is handling the case and is expanding the investigation. Up to now, the position of Director of Lang Son Police Department has been temporarily suspended.”

Notably, the irony is that the above-mentioned revelation has “the root cause of the fact that the group of Chinese businessmen in Lang Son are secret police” – a special agent of the Ministry of Public Security. That means, the Nghe An political force of Vuong Dinh Hue, has fallen into the trap of the Vietnam Security Agency, when there are activities and acts of betraying the country. does not have the ability to verify this information.

By definition, espionage activities “are acts of illegally collecting national secrets, intended to provide them to foreign countries or foreign organizations, to harm national interests.” This shows that there is a high possibility that political forces of the Nghe An faction have colluded with the Chinese government to provide intelligence information to “harm Vietnam’s national interests.”

This is true, because for a long time, analysts have asserted that Nghe An’s leadership and General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong are very pro-China elements.

Japan’s Nikey Asia newspaper once commented, before the 15th Plenum of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, in the race to be General Secretary of the 12th Congress, then Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung had a bid advantage, but the visit to Beijing of National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung on December 23-27, 2015, turned the whole situation upside down. And in the end, Nguyen Phu Trong was the winner of the race.

Or the story, General Truong Giang Long – Deputy Director of the General Department of Politics of the Ministry of Public Security, and Director of the People’s Public Security Political Academy, in a video clip from the Ministry of Public Security in early 2017, broadcast expression:

“So, I would like to tell you, comrades, the bad guys set up, they hooked, they manipulated. In the past, only a few official were working as foreign agents. Now, I inform comrades, their number has reached hundreds and their number still multiplies.”

That is, Gen. Long affirmed that the problem of Vietnamese officials acting as insiders for Beijing is an inherent problem that has existed for a long time, and is becoming more and more common.

Gen. Long’s statement as just mentioned clearly shows that China not only manipulates but also colludes with high-ranking officials. In fact, it is clear that China has been attracting hundreds of seniof officials, from the provincial and district levels to the Central level, including in the highest-ranking leadership, the Politburo.

According to knowledgeable people, the video clip of Major General Truong Giang Long was suddenly posted at that time, stemming from Tran Dai Quang’s intention to pave the way to create public opinion that General Secretary Trong is a pro-China, even a Chinese insider.

The things just mentioned are just a few examples, among countless evidences that can be used to prove that, within the current Vietnamese leadership, there are domination of pro-China officials who are willing to work for China.

During General Secretary Trong’s visit to Beijing in January 2017, 15 documents were signed between the two ruling communist parties. In it, it is mentioned that “China will help Vietnam in training the source force of cadres.” This is hard-to-refute evidence that Vietnam’s leaders are China’s actors.

The evidence just mentioned shows that under the rule of the Communist Party and Nguyen Phu Trong, it is strange if  Vietnam does not fall into China.

Let’s wait and see!./.


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