Vietnam- police state where people are persecuted

According to Vietnam’s estimated central budget in 2019, the total central budget revenue is VND 810,099 billion ($34.47 billion), including VND 82,348 billion for the Ministry of Public Security or more than 10% of the total revenue.

It is known that last year, the Government spent only VND14,816 billion on health issues and VND7,661 billion on education.

It is estimated that 2019’s spending for the Ministry of Public Security is nearly 4 times the amount spent on health and education combined. That is the fact that the central budget allocation is not only for 2019 but every year, and the ratio does not change much. Looking at the proportion of budget allocations like that, we know right away whether this state values the importance of the people or the guns and batons ?!

Many domestic sources revealed the attack force on Dong Tam of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam on January 9, 2020 consisted of 3,000 riot police wearing bulletproof vests and hundreds of specialized vehicles – an article identified this as a military attack on the people, killing 84-year-old veteran communist Le Dinh Kinh and arresting 30 innocent people

Health and education are ultimately the rights of the people, the police is the party’s right. The regime is standing on the base of the police, so they have all dedicated it to the police instead of dividing it down for civil rights. From the spending figures, we can see that the communist regime has exploited the health and mentality of the entire population to make up for the stronghold that protects itself, while the money is partly from the taxpayers. So we can see how wretched this government is ?!

In fact, pouring a lot of money into the police is just the surface shown on the paper, the scarier part of the iceberg is the more privileged part. So what is the sunken part? It is the Communist Party that allows the police sector to exercise their rights outside the framework of the law, and is supported by all agencies if they are accidentally rejected by the public. This is an unwritten rule, because it is illegal and inhuman, so it cannot be prescribed in writing. And in fact, this is the ignition that ignites the malice of the defenders of the regime that we are witnessing every day.

As we all know, every case of injustice starts from the police investigation. It is the privilege that is allowed to be wrong and protected by all departments, so the police can forcefully humiliate the bow, blatantly destroy the real evidence and create false evidence, etc. … Look closely at the procedure of the case of Ho Duy Hai: at first the police made a mistake, followed by the mistake of the local court. When the wrong of the police and the local court was exposed, it was the Supreme Court and Vietnam Televíion (VTV)’s turn to protect them.

Looking at the uninterrupted error from the local to the central like that, the misery is wickedness, but under the eyes of the police is different, the police all over the country will look at it and see it as is a party guarantee. And from then on, the police will undoubtedly take severer measures to persecute people.

Within 3 years in 2012-2014, 226 detainees were killed in police custody by few police officers were convicted of torture. That is a fact. In the middle of the night, they conducted a raid and killed the elderly and took his body for autopcy without approval from his family. And none has been guilty. Applying the corporal punishment to create fake evidence that is opposed by the people but protected both by the Supreme Court and VTV. And just like that every year these things repeat, and those who are in charge of defending the regime understand that the party has told them to continue with their brutality and not worry about the consequences. As a result, the evil and the brutality keep escalating. That is the malicious intent of the Communist Party and it is blatantly the intention of its Politburo. It’s scary.

Although they always preach the morality for the people for the country, the reality is that the Politburo does not respect the people at all. Over the past 75 years, the Communist Party has used crimes and brutal police hands to successfully counter people, which is no longer in dispute, and of course it will be the Communist Party’s thorough policy. It is like that, how about our people? Look at the nature of it and wrath, so that tomorrow’s children will have something to be proud of their fathers and grandchildren, don’t let them complain later that “the old class is so cowardly, they pushed everything away. difficulties on the young people’s shoulders!”

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan is freed after nearly 10 years of unjust imprisonment

Mr. Chan spent 9 days of horrific corporal punishment, and finally he was forced to make false confession in a murder case in a bid to avoid being beaten further.

When being asked “Why you made a confession on September 29 although you did not kill someone?” Chan said:

On September 20, I went to the district police’s headquarters. The police took my handprints many times, then asked me again and again. They let me go home in the evening but requested to come the next day to meet police officer Nguyen Huu Tan. They took my fingerprints then beat me brutally. I cried: I did not kill why you force me to admit? Officer Tan said: Let you take medicine to make you argue well, you do not know and then you must accept. Since then, officers Nguyen Van Dung, Ngo Dinh Dung, Dao Van Bien, Nguyen Trung Thanh, Tuyen, and Tran Nhat Luat interrogated me continuously for 4-5 days and nights.”

There was a small bed in the room, but I could not lie down for a minute. They kicked, they punched, they used sandals to hit my ears. My mind exploded. They did not allow me to go home. They did not let me sleep, threatening to force me to do this or that. As officer Ngo Dinh Dung asked me where did I hide the knife used in the crime? Under the well? Or in the pond? I told them I did not kill that person. Officer Luat told me to draw a knife, I asked him which knife to draw? Luu told me “I would beat you in your head with a hammer to kill you now!” Officer Nguyen Huu Tan always held a knife in his hand. threatening me, forcing me to accept ... ”

Finally, on September 29, I have never forgotten that moment in my life. With tears in my eyes, I thought of my honest business days, my mother, my wife, my children at home. I know that I do this as a death sentence for myself, maybe I will never see my wife and children again. But I have no other choice! I’m so tired, so hurt, so scared! If they keep on torturing like this, I’ll die … I just hope that it will end as soon as possible these horrible moments. So I admitted I killed someone, putting a knife in the closet,” Mr. Chan bitterly recounted.

People immediately made me write a confession. For making that single letter, Ngo Dinh Dung read each sentence, word for word and requested me to write on a paper. Then they asked me to read it aloud so they can record it. That very afternoon, people sent me to Ke temporary detention camp. Some day, they transferred me to 4-5 cells.

“Everyone hunched, who with straight back will be considered disabled” – a saying that made the whole country awake about the reality of the Vietnamese public system by defendant Diep Thi Hong Lien (who wore a shirt black in the picture) – head of the examination room – she directed 3 team leaders and teachers to change the evaluation of the examination pêprs for 20 students in Hoa Binh province

Once people threw me into the cell with 4-5 criminals who were big and full of tattoos. A guy named Hong Hien requested me “serve” him. And for the whole month, they made me act. They modeled for me to act. Repeated again and again. They taught me how to attack with a knife. How to hold Miss Hoan on the ground [Hoan was the victim they wanted me to accept to have killed her]. On October 30, at the Ke camp, they rebuilt the scene, forced me to rehearse from beginning to end. They took photos and videos …

Two hearings of accused Nguyen Thanh Chan took place in Bac Giang on March 26, 2004 (first-instance), and July 27, 2004 (appeal) attracted a lot of people to attend. After turning back the case file, everyone can see that the investigation process as well as the impeachment indictments revealed a series of loopholes and shortcomings.

For example, people only base on Mr. Chan’s plea to convict him (although the law states that it is not only based on the plea of ​​guilty to trial but also based on evidence and client evidence); a failure in finding the hilt of the knife used in the crime; or Chan’s footprint only “approximates” the suspect’s footprint leaving the scene, or many witnesses testified to Mr. Chan’s alibi.

For example, Mr. Thuc, a man from the same village, confirmed that he came to Chan’s restaurant to ask Mr. Chan to dial the phone number to call 566095 – the electronic list of the post office said that the call lasted from 19.05 to 19.20, meaning that coincides with the time Ms. Hoan was killed); or the court said that Chan could not prove every minute between 19:00 and 19:30 where he went, what did he do (while there was an important rule that the court had to prove that the citizen was guilty and citizens have no obligation to prove their innocence) …

In court, the defense lawyers thoroughly analyze these shortcomings and loopholes. Before the court, Mr. Chan also exclaimed injustice, stating that he had pleaded guilty because he was tortured for coerced confession.

But despite all, both the first instance trial and the appeals concluded: Citizen Nguyen Thanh Chan committed murder, “with acts of aggression, brutality, cruelty, intentionally done to the end,” but because of the first offense, a good identity of a martyr’s son, his confession to pleading guilty which enables the procedure-conducting bodies to soon end the case, he was sentenced to life imprisonment instead of the death penalty. (Translated)

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