Vietnam arrests suspects of drug traficking from Germany

(PLO)- Vietnam’s police have arrested a young man who is considered an important link in the drug smuggling ring from Germany to Vietnam.

On May 14, the Da Nang City Police said that they are holding criminal charges against Nguyen Viet Hong Dung (26 years old) and Tran Thanh Quan (29 years old, from the same hometown of Quang Binh) to investigate the illegal trading of drugs.

These two suspects are an important link in a transnational drug trafficking ring, including bringing drugs from Germany to Vietnam for consumption.

Suspect Tran Thanh Quan was arrested in Da Nang.

Earlier, at noon on May 13, the Drug Police Department (Da Nang) coordinated with the Drug Police Department (Ministry of Public Security) and many related units to arrest Quan while he was in his apartment on Ngo Thi Si Street (My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District).

Here, police seized 3.2 kg of suspected synthetic drugs in the form of ecstasy, methamphetamine, ketamine, slingshots, 56 bullets, and many other items.

Quan reportedly confessed that the above drugs had just been transported to Vietnam by a young man residing in Germany and delivered for consumption.

The pills suspected to be drugs were seized

Expanding the investigation, the same evening, the police continued to urgently arrest Dung in Quang Binh. Dung is the organizer of transporting drugs from Germany to Vietnam to deliver to Quan.

The case is being investigated by the police. (Translated)

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