Vietnam doesn’t need communism

When he was the chairman of Vietnam’s highest legislative body National Assembly, party construction Dr. Nguyen Phu Trong told the Indian press in February 2010, on the occasion of a high-ranking visit to India, that “Vietnam does not need multiple political systems. Thanks to this thinking, Mr. Trong was promoted to the post of the general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) until now.

Recently, the topic of multi-party or one-party has heated up again when Dong Nai newspaper published an article by party construction Dr. Vu Thi Nghia titled “Vietnam does not need and does not accept a multiparty regime.”

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là 2020-08-28_174140.jpg
General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong recently appeared in a slightly weak health condition, unstable walking. Facebooker But Thep posted this photo with the comment: “The nation of more than a hundred million people has no talented person to replace a sick old man as its leader?”

On this topic, a former prisoner of conscience Pham Minh Vu with 25,000 followers on Facebook has a comment titled “Vietnam has no need for communism and does not accept communism” as follows:

Dr. Vu Thi Nghia’s article is short, but because I regularly study articles with this topic, I know, Ms. Nghia sits in the cold room and copies articles of many people, including articles by Assoc. Nguyen Xuan Tu (Posted of the Propaganda Magazine No. 7/2018), and many other articles by many other authors, so I firmly believe that Ms. Nghia does not know what she is saying, especially with a doctorate in party building, a kind of rubbish degree from humanity, it is not difficult to speak as stupid as Thi.

In the beginning, Nghia wrote: The one-party rule in Vietnam is not imposed by the Party or any other political force, but it is the choice of the nation and the people. From the practice of Vietnamese revolution, it is allowed to affirm that: In Vietnam, there is no need and no acceptance of the multi-party regime.

Just opening articles like this, they have seen the sickness in Nghia’s mentality in particular and the Vietnamese communists in general.

They are too delusional to the point of illness, arguing that the ruling Communist Party in Vietnam is due to the choice of the nation, of the people? When did the nation chooses? Which people choose the communist party?

Tran Trong Kim’s government was only 5 months old, had having to deal with a series of consequences that exist in Vietnamese society at that time, the Viet Minh escaped from the forest to mobilize the masses, took advantage of famine to propagate and rob the power. Later, it applied many tricks to bring down the opposing political parties and the Communists took full power in the Northern region after 1954.

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là 2020-08-30_143134-1024x669.jpg
Screenshot of Dr. Vu Thi Nghia’s article published on Dong Nai online newspaper

After that, with the support of Beijing and the Soviet Union, the communists invaded the South Vietnam to unify the nation in 1975. After that, the communist party used the foreign will of China, the communist dotrine to rule the country. The nation has never choosen communism.

Since taking power to now, the Communist Party has not held a free election, government personnel are picked up and held by the Communist Party, played with each other, not allows the people to choose, why Nghia can say “people’s choice”?

Over the years, the communist party has tried to cede sovereignty, sell land for sale, cooperate fully with the enemy, see the enemy as a friend, the communist party has shown itself as a reactionary organization, going against the interests of the nation.

The Communist Party has seized the power to rule, acquired all institutions in the country, viewed the People as an enemy to rule, the Communist Party has been cruel to the people with tax exploitation policies, by manipulating land and tens of thousands of people inherently have houses and gardens into empty hands. Meanwhile, the communists allotted more than 162,000 hectares of land to the Chinese for use. The Communist Party that manages the economy makes the country devastated, what is the steel punch, the “construction” is all drowned in public debt. Completely failed, completely lost because of the party’s corrupt path that facilitated steel punches, the corporation died in its infancy, only debt was growing, so debt that they planned to sell 3 special zones for the communist ship, but luckily, the people who are sober are not deceived by the communist party.

Politically, the communist party completely bans freedom, the communist party tramples on the Constitution by banning people from forming groups, the right to protest, the right to freedom of expression, all of which are universal rights under the Constitution. The Communist Party has been imprisoning anyone who used those rights.

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là 2020-08-30_143202-1024x576.jpg
Members of the recent unregistered group Constitution have been sentenced to prison

The Communist Party pushed the people into a miserable path, everywhere resent the spirit of the people, the family resented the behavior of a brutal regime.

Just that much, we see, the communist party is the direct enemy of the People of Vietnam. The Communist is a reactionary organization, the puppet power always goes against the interests of the people and the country. Therefore, I dare to confidently affirm that the people of Vietnam do not need or accept the Communist Party.”

Facebook Thanh Mai also has an article in response to Dr. Vu Thi Nghia with 3 big comments that: Blind, Long Language and Myopia.

1 – Blind

Nghia said the one-party regime is not imposed. Yes, not imposed, but if anyone advocates for multi-party democracy, they will place in prison. Huu Loan and Tran Do are a story of the past, recently journalist Nguyen Dac Kien went to the Fb, stating that the desire for multi-party, he was fired immediately and stripped of the journalist’s card. It is harsh imposition and Dr. Nghia cannot see.

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là 2020-08-30_143324-1024x576.jpg
Public security poster hanging in the middle of Hanoi capital with the sentence “The People’s Public Security Forces work to maintain the party power”

2-Abuse of languague

One party is the choice of the people.”

We would ignore the past 30-50 years. But time has passed and the people born after the war are now the ones that determine the country’s future. But in fact, in the past 20 years, there has not been a referendum on the political choice of the country, no survey is large enough to say “One Party” is the choice of the people.

The knowledgeable person must have evidence, the argument must be strict and based on the reality of life, not indiscriminately provoking words. You cannot be in a well and say the earth like a tray, can’t touch the elephant’s feet and say the elephant is like a pillar. It is impossible to interview a few elders and a few state-owned artists and post VTV that it is the choice of the whole nation.

3- Short vision

It is necessary to have the theoretical works to evaluate if the Vietnamese multi-party will be like, how it differs from reality, the advantages and disadvantages, to say whether it is necessary or not, Facebooker Thanh Mai argues.

Photo 5: The presidential election of the United States is attracting the attention of the whole world and the chances of Donald Trump and Joe Biden are equal depending on the choice of the American people

To say to the world, to compare the countries in the region, but indiscriminately speaking, not the stupid myopia, only a three-year-old child with a non-human inanimate can speak such short vision.

In fact, is there any locality in Vietnam today that has tried to apply the multi-party model for comparison yet dare to make a claim that is needed or not?”

Also discussing the article by Dr. Vu Thi Nghia, writer Nguyen Dinh Bon gave the perspective “Pluralism – one-party view from … corruption!”

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là 2020-08-30_143353-1024x576.jpg
Caricatures appeared on social networks after the VTV incident disparaging the burden of street vendors as parasites

Vietnam is always the highest corrupted country in the world. The fact that the officials at the ministerial and provincial level were brought to court, sentenced to severe corruption has become … a daily story for all people to witness and discuss.

The least corrupted are usually Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland

So why are democratic institutions with pluralism and separation of power between three basic institutions less corrupted than authoritarian or semi-authoritarian regimes?

The reason is simple: due to political pluralism, time in power is limited by the constitution, the military, the police, the courts, and the press are separate from the ruling party, so even if the head of state is just a high-ranking servant, not a ruler. Failing to do national duties, revealing wrongs, evil … he was immediately pointed out by the opposition members, and the people would depose him to choose someone else. So even if you want to remain in your position, you have to prove that you are the best for this post. South Korea with a prison sentence for the president is an example!

Pluralism, that is the most preeminent political model of humanity today. The clear evidence is that the countries following that path are quickly rich and powerful, people proud of their national names; on the contrary, all authoritarian or semi-dictatorial countries are deeply in crisis and corruption, people are living in misery, many people try to leave the country, and when stepping out of the border, they cannot feel proud of their passports.

There is no good dictator. Already a dictator cannot control alien power. So the schematic statement of Mrs. Dr. Vu Thi Nghia in Dong Nai is not worth discussing much because it goes against reality, and goes against what the communists call ‘dialectic materialism’,” writer Nguyen Dinh Bon stated. (Translated)