Studying Vietnamese Minister of Culture, Culture newspaper unleashes uncultured blow in Thailand!

This is the status of businesswoman Madam Pang

Recently, on July 20, the online community reacted harshly to the image of Vietnamese Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung grabbing the red carpet while welcoming the Malaysian Prime Minister. This is an image that is considered typical for people who are “very Communist.” Although he is a ministerial leader, he does not know a minimum principle in welcoming international guests.

It can be said that socialist education is the cause of all causes. This education has created a bad Vietnamese society, creating generations of uncultured, condescending officials who take credit and trample others. These characteristics represent the essence of an education that takes advantage of winning and losing as a driving force, with high and low ratings as a measure. Since then, the disease of achievement in the regime has been raised. Society races to fake form, considers wealth, status, and fame as the core norm.

From that background, uncultured stories like the Minister of Culture, have happened a lot. Recently, after the 0-3 loss of the Vietnamese women’s football team to the US women’s football team, the Sports and Culture newspaper headlined the article “Playing resiliently against the World Cup Champion, the Vietnamese team made Thai women shame.” After the online community reacted strongly, this newspaper changed the title “Playing resiliently against the World Cup Champion, the Vietnamese team makes Thai women jealous.”

Although the title has changed, the essence remains unchanged, which is the uneducated Vietnamese press. Why must the Thai team down? Pushing them down so that the Vietnamese can be lifted, or pressing Thai down just shows Vietnamese uncultured behavior? For ease of comparison, the online community quoted Thai businesswoman – Madam Pang – as follows: “We sincerely thank you for your performance [Vietnam women’s team]. From the hearts of women’s soccer lovers, I cheer for you.”

That’s the difference, can’t you just push others down so you can go up? Indeed, Vietnamese education has created pathological values. From the Minister to the newspaper are infected with the same value, which is unculture.

For a long time, the Vietnamese education has used disparaging, or hateful, words to teach. The Republic of Vietnam regime was a regime recognized by the United Nations, and a sovereign country, but, in Communist textbooks, they use the word “fake” to talk about this political institution. As for the leaders of the Republic of Vietnam, they used this name, that name, that henchman, that henchman, to refer to those people. Such an education, how to teach good people?

If you are a genuine Vietnamese, you must be ashamed, because this nation has let an uncultured element rule. If such a Party does education, it is strange that the society will not crumble. Class after class of people, classes of officials are molded from that education, a socialist education.

Both ordinary peoples and state officials grew up with a socialist upbringing, but state officials were worse off for many reasons. The first is that they have power, the second is that they can study politics, study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.

Today, although social morality has deteriorated, there are still people who know right from wrong, have culture and behave properly. It’s not the majority, but it’s still there. It is such people who see the problem of today’s society, and condemn it. This country has lost because it has been led by a deviant education that has produced uncultured people over the years, but it is worse because it is ruled by the Communist Party. It was this Party that created the current education system. And that is the greatest misfortune for 100 million people. (Translated)