China should not be too optimistic about the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak

In the wake of China’s announcement of ending new domestic infections yesterday, public health experts warned China not to rush to celebrate because of the risk of the second outbreak which can happen at any time.

On March 19, 2020, Chinese health officials announced an additional 34 new infections, but all came from outside.

Also according to this announcement, there was no new case in the country.

It is also the first time that Hubei province – where the first case of corona virus had been detected – has not recorded any new cases, either domestically or abroad.
Those figures are in stark contrast to what is happening elsewhere, especially in the US and Europe, where new cases of Wuhan pneumonia continue to increase.
However, epidemiologists say there is no reason for China to declare victory at this time.

I think it’s too early to celebrate, it’s likely that the second outbreak has started in China,” said Ben Cowling, a professor of epidemiology at Hong Kong University of Public Health / University of Hong Kong.
Indeed, China is facing an influx of “imported” infections from the outside as overseas Chinese flock to China to avoid the pandemic due to a very tense situation in the US and Europe.

Volunteers prepare food and support equipment to provide medical support staff who have helped fight the epidemic

A few weeks earlier, many Chinese people had gone abroad to avoid the outbreak when the disease broke out in Wuhan, Hubei province and spread to all other localities across the country. Now, things have reversed when numerous Chinese are rushing back home believing this is the safest place.
On, there are no vacant seats on flights from London (UK) to Shanghai until April 13. One-way tickets of China Eastern Airlines Corp currently cost more than $3,000.

According to data, one-way fares, economy class from Europe to China increased by 174%, from CNY5,492 ($785) to CNY15,021. The US-China one-way fares increased by 137%.
Deer Jet, a private aircraft company, offers a very high fee for air tickets from England to China. The estimated price is around £21,000 for a ticket in a 14-seat airplane. Despite such high prices, such flights are fully booked.
A number of other private travel agencies also offer flights using the Gulfstream G550 private plane, priced from £16,000 a seat. It is known that the price of flights has increased by about £3,500/ticket, nearly 10 times higher than the average price last year.
Even many wealthy overseas Chinese are willing to hire a private jet to fly to Hongkong with hope to return to the mainland via special economic zones.
In these days, major airports in China are overloaded, as influx of Chinese from all over the country awaits entry.

A separate Gulfstream G550 special aircraft taking passengers from the UK to China cost over £16,000/ticket

In an effort to cope with the epidemic that threatens to upset the social order and threaten the survival of the Communist Party of China, the country is actively deploying propaganda to blame the U.S. for taking the disease source to China and declared “The US owes China an apology and the world owes China a thank you.”

After first using the phrase “Chinese Virus” in a tweet on March 17, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly confirmed the accuracy of the phrase.
Also on March 17, he said: “I have to call this virus by the name it first appeared rather than arguing with them. It originated from China. Therefore, I think this is a very accurate phrase.”

And recently, on March 19, during a press conference at the White House, President Trump said that Chinese officials did not share the full information earlier on Wuhan pneumonia after it broke out in China. He blamed China for the pandemic and once again he used the phrase “Chinese virus.”

He emphasized “The world is paying a heavy price for what they did” and that “this disease should have been stopped as soon as it originated from China.”

The US leader said US officials would have responded faster if the Chinese government had shared enough information about the disease.

Recently, Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford posted a photo of Mr. Trump’s notes on Twitter showing that the phrase “Chinese virus” was used instead of the corona virus to describe Wuhan pneumonia disease.

In the context of China’s mobilization of both diplomatic and media forces to rewrite the history of the Wuhan pneumonia, the country has consistently received criticism from the Western world.

Earlier, the CPC had propagated that a Chinese special aircraft had shipped medical supplies to Italy. However, Italian media suspected this was “fake news” and said that thousands of Taiwanese oxygen tanks and tens of thousands of masks were all purchased by Italy, which is a commercial transaction.
Over the past few days, Maurizio Gasparri, a member of the Italian Senate and a former media minister, has harshly criticized the CPC for spreading rumors and false propaganda, about China’s help for free for Italy and other European countries. He said the medical supplies were entirely purchased by those countries.
Congressman Maurizio Gasparri also criticized the CPC for causing harm to the whole world. China is not only the country with the most serious source of infection, but the government also conducts international trade transactions through unwarranted tactics, causing the partner countries to fall into economic crisis.

This time, the CPC even concealed and reported fake pandemics and deceived the world, causing countries all over the world to fall into a disaster.
Finally, the MP said “China is basically the virus in the world.”

This video of Congressman Gasparri attracted countless responses. Netizen Lesliechou tweeted this video and corrected that the CPC itself is a tumor, not China.
Recently, Italian Parliamentary member Maurizio Gasparri criticized and called the CPC a worldwide virus.

On March 4, the Xinhua News Agency of the CPC published a comment: “The tree is not afraid to die, the world should thank China.”

The article attacked the US government and stated that China had “made great sacrifices” in the fight against the pandemic, so “the US owes China an apology and the world owes China a thank you.

Since then, many official messages have called for “the world to thank China” for sacrificing and fighting the virus, and now Beijing is ready to share its experiences with those countries in need.

A Chinese deputy foreign minister stated: “While continuing our pandemic work in mainland China, we will provide – within the best of our ability – support to countries.”

The goal is to let people forget that the regime had lost at least three valuable weeks to stop the disease and a series of Chinese government mistakes that spread the disease through the organization of a huge party. with 40,000 families joining on January 18 in Wuhan to set a world record, and let 5 million Wuhan people leave while the pandemic was rapidly developing.

What did the CPC do during the plague when trampling on human life; supreassing freedom of speech; using money to control international organizations; forcing people to return to work despite compromising their safety; neglecting warnings, repeatedly making mistakes, missing golden times to prevent epidemics, etc. and causing a global health crisis.

China owes the world an apology“, the reason lies not in the Wuhan pneumonia but in the concealment and treatment of the CPC, putting the regime’s survival above the people’s lives to disease outbreaks, causing health disasters around the world.

The Wuhan epidemic makes the world more clearly visible that the CPC has been hiding the truth, the people and using violence to control people’s right to information, the right to life and the right to freedom of speech.

The CPC still exists, the world will still witness humanitarian and medical disasters.

Author Tran Trung Dao affirmed: Where there is a dictatorial party, there will be a democratic revolution. No one knows when a revolution will take place but cannot deny or evade that social law. The Tiananmen Square movement has exploded and has been suppressed but surely another Tiananmen Square is being formed in China, especially through this pandemic, the underground wave against the Chinese Communist Party is smoldering in the hearts of the Chinese people. Because the desire for democracy and freedom is the sacred fire that silently burns in people’s hearts wherever they live on this earth.

China’s media propagandized “The world must thank China,” but in fact China owes the world an apology for hushing up the information so the pandemic broke out globally.

Hoang Trung from Hanoi – (Translated)