Corona virus: Vietnamese people in Berlin are afraid of Covid-19 like ghosts?

German after corona epidemic

So many, hundreds of Vietnamese have Covid-19. Scared!”

Gathering gambling meetings, birthday parties for hundreds of people, do nothing to die.”

If you spread this speed, you’ll be dead soon.”

I heard that N.’s house, K.’s family’s house is also sticky. It’s also T.’s family. Mr. M.’s just told me that.”

Don’t dare to go to Vietnamese market again” …

Such conversations have been  in Berlin for the past few days. The atmosphere of the Vietnamese community in East Berlin is heating up many times faster than the weather, which is still quite cold and yet to be warm in Germany.


The Berliner Vietnamese advised each other, “If you’re sick, you should let everyone know in order to sympathize, but why would anyone hide it?”

However, the bad attitude toward Covid-19 infected patients in Vietnam few months ago discourages Vietnamese people in Germany from admitting that they are also infected because it will affect their businesses.

People should not discriminate against those infected with Covid-19, they are pitiful than angry,” Berlin relatives told each other.

That is very advice, but unfortunately has not undergone real challenges to see if it is easy to apply or not?

Ask journalists both the local and Vietnamese about the exact number of Covid -19 infected Vietnamese in Berlin?

They all shook their heads, how could they know? The law “Datenschutz” / “Protection of personal data” is probably the reason that no agency dares to provide such data in fear that the information may be handed over to the right-handed anti-foreigners who have a reason to cheat Vietnamese people.

Has anyone Vietnamese died yet?”

No! I only saw one case in West Germany, but because of a serious background diseases.”

The last few weekends there have been massive protests in Germany, the most in Berlin demanding the removal of blockades. Not to worry, the political activities in Germany do not see any Vietnamese participating in this activity who is afraid of being infected there.

Walking, cycling, sports in the park, in the forest, etc., to be honest, are not a common habit of Vietnamese people.

There were just a few groups of women gathered together to the park to enlist the show of colorful dresses ao dai, which was very closely watched by the natives.

One or two weeks now, people are seeing more and more scenes on the streets of Berlin, especially the Turks and Italians, who meet and shake hands, happy faces and even embrace.

The Vietnamese people who meet often do so, often just looking at each other shyly, so Covid-19 doesn’t have many opportunities.

Tran Thi Thu Hoan, owner of a Hoan Kiem restaurant in Berlin, Germany

Risk of infection in the community

On the contrary, it must be acknowledged that the “love of the village, the neighbors“, the habit of solidarity of the Vietnamese people are the liaison guides for corona virus to spread among our people very well.

Vietnamese meet each other for “Masking production campaign.” Some families meet “let their children play together” or go to each other to burn incense and condolences for the passing away individuals, especially giving gifts, buying and selling each other and that, giving each other food and drink without even thinking that things are touched, held together are very convenient contagious spreads.

There are also rumors saying there are “Vietnamese gamblers” caught by the German police, as many as a dozen tens of people joined, and the fine amount was heard to tens of thousands. But looking through German media outlets throughout the country and Berlin alone last week there were no reports of this incident.

So from where do hundreds of Vietnamese suddenly become infected with Covid-19 in Berlin?

The statistics of the Berlin health agency daily press conference released showed that the number of infections in Berlin during the week ofMay 25-31 increased slowly, without major mutations. From 6641 on May 24 to 6799 on May 31, an increase of about 158 ​​(while Berlin’s population is over three and a half million).

Lichtenberg district in East Berlin was dubbed the “capital” or “miniature Hanoi” of Vietnamese in Germany, where there are many Vietnamese people doing business, living here, since the beginning of the pandemic where the number of positive people is among the lowest in Berlin.

In the past week, the highest increase day was nine people, the rest were usually only one, two people, even some days were not perfect. May the nine cases be all Vietnamese? Nine could not be compared to “hundreds“?

Where did rumors “so many Vietnamese in Berlin getting Covid-19” come from?

Entrepreneurs from major shopping centers in Berlin find ways to defend themselves that if there is an outbreak, it must be from another center, not from their center.

Everyone worried that they could not sell goods, and forced to close their shops. They push each other’s “outbreak responsibility” to each other like the two major US-China states recently.

A number of Vietnamese “community journalists” in Berlin are eager to provide hot news, warnings about the outbreak and advice that no one has been able to verify.

Vietnamese people in Berlin were bewildered, many people flocked to some clinics to get tested. They were so crowded that the medical staff here were on fire.

Although May 31 and June 1 are public holidays, the Vietnamese Association in Berlin, in conjunction with a number of other organizations and individuals, organized two separate tests for Vietnamese in one location. A point near Dong Xuan market expected to have quite a lot of people come for testing.

Those who live legally and have insurance enjoy free tests, Who are without identification must pay cash on site 96 euros.

Why with this Covid-19 pandemic, the Vietnamese community in Berlin is so different from the remaining 3.5 million inhabitants of Berlin, with their own fears and different dealing with the outbreak?

Perhaps it must be said that with the level of Covid-19 infection in Europe as recently (while Germany is a country that has been assessed quite successfully in the fight against the epidemic), the fact that if there are Vietnamese infected is also the inevitable, completely normal, cannot be considered as an exception.

The process of preventing spread, detection and treatment of Vietnamese patients is also fully focused as any other ethnicity here. If there is an unusual “outbreak” in the Vietnamese community, it is certain that the German health sector will be particularly interested in the degree to which it is no different from elsewhere.

Being cautious with other Vietnamese people should not mean ignoring with the possibility of transmission from people of other ethnicities.

The corona virus is like a ghost,” said an elderly saleswoman. It cannot be seen and keep haunting it around me all day, affecting me at any time.

But should fear Covid-19 as fear of a ghost?

All anti-epidemic measures are widely stipulated, uniformly and clearly agreed upon for all people. News about disease development is transmitted hourly and day by day in many prestigious German media. The remaining work is to update information.

Do not listen to rumors, do not easily believe in the information “ghost” and then just accidentally inflat the fear of corona virus as afraid of the ghost only. (Translated)

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