Shame for Quang Ninh police chief Major General Dinh Van Noi as he avoids to deal with big sharks

Mr. Dinh Van Doi – Major General, Director of Quang Ninh Police Department

Recently, Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh implemented the Quang Ninh provincial Planning Project, this was a shower after a period of “drought” for companies backed by him. In Quang Ninh, many former officials were arrested, including Mr. Pham Hong Ha – former Chairman of Ha Long City People’s Committee. When Chinh was Secretary of Quang Ninh, Ha was appointed Vice Chairman of Ha Long City People’s Committee cum Head of Ha Long Bay Management Board.

Information from the inside said that Ha is the type of person who openly bribes to be assigned to lucrative positions. Ha’s assets have overwhelmed many people, when he was arrested in mid-May 2022. However, who got bribes from Ha were not revealed.

In Quang Ninh, there are two high-profile cases, the AIC case of Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan, the unusual winning bid package for the supply of medical equipment to Quang Ninh Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, and the case of Ha’s mistake when still in office. Both of these people were involved in bribes from 2011-2015. It is unclear which case the province police chief is willing to deal with, the big case of Nhan related to the PM and case of Ha or skeeping the two and taking much smaller issues?

It can be said that the fact that Minister of Public Security To Lam brought Dinh Van Noi to Quang Ninh also made many people tremble, because a lot of the negatives of the officials and the backyards were waiting for police to investigate. However, the fact that PM Chinh took care of Quang Ninh as a provincial head has also created support for many people.

General Noi was facilitated by Police Minister To Lam. Going to the rich province, being promoted to the rank of general, becoming a member of the Provincial Party Committee, and receiving maximum support from the Ministry of Public Security, then, what is he waiting for without taking action? Minister Lam does not expect Geneal Noi to catch only thieves and robbers in Quang Ninh. His mission is a much bigger one. His task is to target the powerful, or the tycoons who rely on state power.

Mr. Dinh Van Noi is catching small fish

On February 15, the Quang Ninh provincial Police said: “Those who post, share and comment on false information about Major General Dinh Van Noi in provinces and cities will be summoned in the near future. Any person who commits any wrongdoing will be dealt with there.” It is known that Mr. Dinh Van Noi reached out to Hanoi to eliminate the person who is said to have “slandered” him, whose initial name is T.M.T. born in 1976, residing in Nam Hong commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi city.

Someone assessed this action of Mr. Dinh Van Noi as “work in free time” meaning he has nothing to do, so he goes to catch the “small fish” who are online speech. If Mr. Dinh Van Noi had a big job to do, he wouldn’t have time to care about such trivial things. Most of the officials who can’t stand the gossip of the society fall into one of two categories, either having the habit of being startled, or the petty type who likes to expect someone to speak ill of them to get revenge. Noi is highly appreciated by many people with the saying he has intention to catch a shark more than a fish. He once said “I choose to deal with the person with many connections first meaning that he wants to catch the shark for fame.

It is unclear how Minister Lam is pressuring on Noi but with chosing to deal with small fish Noi is showing to avoid dealing with sharks. Quang Ninh land is the land where there are a lot of “sharks” and sharks in Quang Ninh are much more than An Giang. With a new position, with the rank of major general at a very young age, it was the minister’s favor. But just going to “catch small fish” is really a waste. Will General Noi continue to be a “courageous general” or not? Wait and see. (Translated)