Going-to-be-State-President Vo Van Thuong propagandizes, revealing “million-tagged octopus”

Mr. Thuong on the Government Information page

Being chosen for the position of Vietnam’s State President at the age of 53, Mr. Vo Van Thuong will be the youngest head of state of the Communist country. When sitting in the Presidential chair, Vo Van Thuong will mainly perform ceremonial works, traveling abroad and receiving international visits, signing compliments or signing up for military rank, at the request of the Police or Army, etc…

Mr. Vo Van Thuong has 5 years working as the head of the party’s Central Commission for Propaganda and Education. Thuong’s job at that time was, in the most literal sense, “herding the press.” It bans unfavorable information while direct the press to write pink articles for the regime.

This regime believes that doing propaganda is to know how to listen to both forward and backward. However, in reality, propaganda never listens to the contrary. If propaganda had listened to the contrary, then Thoibao.de would not have been repeatedly attacked in the most despicable ways. They use sabotage forces specializing in attacking hackers on the website, and use a team of Force 47 who are raised with people’s money to continuously destroy Thoibao’s website.

In fact, doing propaganda is to protect the Communist Party at all costs. That’s why in Vietnam, most people are still hungry for honest information but full of lies created by the propaganda agency.

Recently, Mr. Vo Van Thuong was on the newspaper again, releasing demagoguery words to lull society to sleep. Mr. Vo Van Thuong said “‘Apart from the interests of the people, our Party has no other interests.” Vo Van Thuong’s point is that the Party, besides taking care of the interests of the people, does not take care of any other interests. Then people may ask, the Party only cares for the interests of the people, not for their own interests, so why does Mr. To Lam let his daughter study in England for five hundred thousand dollars every year? Why does Mr. To Lam not let that money serve the people?

Or recently, it was discovered that Vuong Dinh Hue’s daughter, Vuong Ha My, also studied in the US, with a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Why did Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue not use that money to take care of the people? Or like Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung for his 3 children to study in Europe and America. The Party takes care of the princelings, while people are trapped in foreign lands during the pandemic, the Party allows merciless exploitation.

It is a very clear fact that the princelings that are allowed to study abroad are because of the people’s money, not anyone else’s money. Then, the Party takes care of the people, why does the Party extract money from the people so that the princelings can enjoy? So how should the saying “Besides the interests of the people, our Party has no other interests” to understand correctly? Should it be understood that: Apart from the rights of the people deprived by the Party, the Party does not deprive anyone else? The truth is very clear that the people worked hard for the Party to tax, and thanks to the money from the tax people, officials take to their own pockets. Finally, the interests of the people go into the pockets of the Party and then into the pockets of officials.

With the current widespread embezzlement apparatus, the Party can be compared to an octopus with a million taps. Those nozzles will poke each citizen’s body one by one, to suck out the vitality. And that is the current mechanism. The people under this regime were deprived of everything. Genuine enterprises are being manipulated by corrupt officials to make laws for common expenses, since then it makes it difficult for Vietnamese businesses to develop. Although Vietnam’s economy is highlighted by high growth numbers, in the end, people’s living standards are disproportionate. Completely opposite.

Mr. Vo Van Thuong was promoted to the position of Permanent Secretary of the Secretariat, he also used this technique to cheat people. He did when he was head of the Propaganda Department. In the near future, Mr. Vo Van Thuong may be a President who specializes in bragging.

Thoibao.de (Translated)

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