Vietnam communist party and corruption are two sides of the same coin

Nguyen Sinh Hung, former Chairman of the National Assembly, who once said, “If everyone is dismissed, who will work”

Previously, when he was still the chairman of the National Assembly, Nguyen Sinh Hung made a statement to revive the social life at that time, that “If you are wrong, you have to correct it. If state officials have done 10 good things, they might have also done one wrong thing. If all of state officials are dismissed, who will work? If all officials had have been punished for their wrongdoings, we will have nonclean.”

In fact, doing good work is the responsibility of officials, they are paid by the people to work, then they have to do good work. And of course, if they do bad things, they must be punished. If people have a sense of the spirit of respecting the law, they must not have the thought of “taking merit for atonement.”

Ten years ago, top legislator Nguyen Sinh Hung determined that “if everyone is dismissed, who will work“, that is, he tacitly admitted, having been an cadre, there was a mistake. In fact, not only does Nguyen Sinh Hung understand that, but the Vietnamese people also know that Communism and corruption are just two sides of the same coin. Every Communist official is corrupt if given the chance. With a starving salary, but officials still build mansions, buy cars, build castles, send their children to study abroad, it is clear that corruption is systemic, the question is whether Mr. Trong will punish the corrupt officials or not.

On June 23, 2022, at a meeting with voters in Ba Dinh, Dong Da and Hai Ba Trung districts, communist chief Nguyen Phu Trong said that, “I am not interested in disciplining my comrades and teammates, even painful, but forced to do.” He also answered the question, “If you discipline many cadres, who will work?” That is, he admits, if he is strong-willed, no one will work, or more specifically, everyone is indigo.

In fact, from the four highest ranking officials to those in grassroot level, everyone understands that. Everyone uses their position to get rich, and all state officials are corrupt. In fact, the ideas of Ho Chi Minh or Marxism-Leninism are just decorations to paint a mask for the regime, but now no one believes in them anymore. The sole purpose of Communist officials is money, get as much money as possible.

For more than 20 years now, the Communist Party has launched a movement to study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s moral example in the Party, but then are there any moral officials? Some people think that being a Communist cannot have morality, they like to take advantage, but they are afraid of responsibility. For cadres, who receive starving wages every month and do not do anything else and still be rich, how can they be ethical?

Nguyen Phu Trong is the head of the Party. Even if he wants to clean up the Party, is powerless. If it is really clean, the Party will also lose its color, because at that time, who else would work? Therefore, the fight against corruption is a long-term job. The only gain in the anti-corruption campaign is the name for Trong. Those who replaced the ones who were punished for corruptipn are also corrupt ones.

It is unclear how Nguyen Phu Trong fights corruption, but in the past, officials could only build mansions, now they have built castles. Someone sarcastically commented that, if Trong continues to fight corruption, the officials would still build their own palaces.

Sitting in a chair is an opportunity to extract money, the Party creates a mechanism, a mechanism full of holes for officials to get rich. That is to say, the Party gives chances for officials to get rich from the country’s property, and only by giving them this, will the officials decide to be loyal to the Party to the end. As for using Marx and Lenin or Ho Chi Minh’s thought as bait, no one wants to follow. The regime officials love only money. Without corruption, the Party cannot have loyal forces. (Translated)