Welcoming Xi, why did Vietnamese communist chief have to hide his “agreements” with US?

The Chinese necklace is so heavy, why doesn’t the President boldly remove it?

The Communist Party often uses the word “hero” to label the “victories” they have done. Regarding past achievements, there is still debate. Vietnam paid too much for “victory” of the Party.

However, if viewed from a national and ethnic perspective, the Party’s “victories” cannot be called victories, but fratricide and barbarism. There is no need to build glory with corpses of fellow countrymen like that.

Since 1975 until now, the Communist Party’s bravery has mainly been shown to the people. They are harsh with the Vietnamese people, they make the people tremble, but they do not make the people believe in a strong government before foreigners. When there was still support from the Soviet Union, General Secretary Le Duan “boldly” fought with China in 1979, at the northern border.

However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of Vietnam showed weakness in relationship with China, making people unable to feel secure.

The Chengdu Conference is the road to slavery. It was party leaders Nguyen Van Linh, Do Muoi and Pham Van Dong who outlined this path of slavery for the Communist Party and for the entire Vietnamese people. Subsequent generations of General Secretaries could only close their eyes and follow this path.

The lack of confidence of the Communist leadership during the weakened Soviet Union and Eastern Europe has led to unfavorable actions for the country that have continued to this day. After the Chengdu Conference, there was the 1999 Vietnam-China Border Agreement, and the 2000 Gulf of Tonkin Agreement.

Everyone knows that the Communist Party of China is greedy for territorial expansion. The abolition of the French-Qingling border on sea and land, which was signed previously, is also an act of concession to buy illusory friendship.

China’s greed is bottomless, if Vietnam is not tough, it will be encroached upon by the Communist Party of China. And in fact, up to now, China has always been aggressive to encroach.

The Vietnamese people need a government that is strong in the face of foreign countries, not a government that only knows how to show off its power to the people and bully them. Currently, America is reaching out to Vietnam. In 2015, the US lifted the embargo on lethal weapons, and in 2023 it upgraded the relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership. Nominally, the relationship between Vietnam and the US is on par with the relationship between Vietnam and China.

However, in essence, these two relationships are completely different. The relationship between Vietnam and China is an unequal relationship, it is more like the relationship between the royal court and feudal vassals, rather than a modern partnership.

Now, when America is giving Vietnam a chance, the Communist Party needs the courage to stand straight in front of China. The opportunity has never been greater than it is today, will communist leader Nguyen Phu Trong dare to accept it?

If things are not clear at home, they will be known outside. The Communist Party of Vietnam does not let the people know their intentions. However, the world has known for some time now. This is an attitude of contempt for the people, thinking that the people are stupid and only know how to obey.

Therefore, the Party does not need to inform the people about what the Party is doing, even though those actions are related to the fate of the country and the fate of the nation, that is, directly related to the fate of each individual.

Recently, the international press reported that Vietnamese and Chinese officials are preparing for President Xi Jinping’s possible visit to Hanoi, at the end of October or early November. Meanwhile, the domestic press has not had a single word announcing this event. People are always marginalized by the Party.

It is known that during the visit of US President Joe Biden to Vietnam, and the visit of the Vietnamese Prime Minister to the US, Vietnam expressed its desire to purchase American F-16. This information was reported by reputable media agencies around the world. After that, the Chinese Communist Party’s Global Times newspaper spoke out, with language that was both “commentary and threatening” that “Vietnam will not lean towards the US.”

On October 5, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Pham Thu Hang said: “We do not have information about this” that is, the purchase of F-16. Thus, the Communist Party of Vietnam continues to choose to avoid, so as not to offend China. They are still not prepared to stand up straight in front of the “golden friend.”

Welcoming Xi Jinping to visit will not be frowned upon by the people, if the General Secretary just lets the Party stand up straight and openly disclose the arms trade with the US, rather than “playing around” like that. Once you welcome Xi, if you still have the mindset of fearing the power of a big country, then bending over backwards to host him, that is a potential danger for the nation and this country.

Thoibao.de (Translated)