Money laundering and terrorism financing, Communist Vietnam is condemned by EU!

The Party uses propaganda to cover up money laundering

On November 12, 2019, the Financial Magazine published an article “Vietnam proactively cooperates internationally in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.” The article said that Vietnam has promoted both breadth and depth, actively contributing to the effective implementation of money laundering prevention and combat.

The characteristic of Communists is that they often use propaganda to cover up their evil. They can use the press, use slogans, etc. to propagate. Normally, when it comes to issues that the Party propagates a lot, be careful, because there is a possibility that the Party is doing bad things in that issue.

Corruption in this regime is almost 100%. There is no official who does not seek one way or another to profit. Just district level officials have a lot of money, so provincial and central level officials have even more money.

There’s a lot of money and it’s illegal money, so Communist officials really need to launder it so they can use it with peace of mind. Surely, each official will keep for himself at least one money laundering contact.

The Communist Party’s announcement in the press that “Vietnam proactively cooperates internationally in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing,” the Party clearly wants to let the people in the country and the world know that they are fire fighters, not house arsonists.

Recently, we received information from an anonymous official saying that the reason remittances to Ho Chi Minh City have increased suddenly is because a large amount of corrupt money is transferred abroad to launder allowed to flow back to Vietnam in the form of “remittances.”

That is, this person affirmed that in the amount of remittances sent to Vietnam, there are both real remittances and disguised remittances – essentially corrupt money from officials.

The reason for the sudden increase in the amount of dirty money being “laundered” is explained as: In 2023, there will be too many big cases, with many deputy ministers and ministers being probed. In addition, two members of the Politburo fell down. Therefore, officials holding large amounts of money rush to “launder” the money.

The truth about the return of “dirty money” masquerading as “remittances” is difficult to verify. However, this argument is well-founded. In particular, in addition, on October 18, the EU put Vietnam on the list of 29 countries with high risk of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Thus, Communist officials must be laundering a lot of money to be included on this list. On this list are all highly corrupt countries, or dictatorial countries that support terrorism. Vietnam is classified by the EU as one of the most “scum” governments in the world.

The second issue that the EU mentioned is terrorist financing. For a long time, the Vietnamese Communist government has not publicly supported the terrorist organization Hamas and a number of other terrorist organizations. It is unclear whether Vietnam sponsors these terrorist organizations or not.

However, Vietnam still has a particularly close relationship with Russia. It is unclear if the Communist Party of Vietnam is secretly sponsoring the Russian government to invade Ukraine. But this possibility cannot be ruled out.

If Vietnam is involved in this problem, it is an extremely foolish action. Because once facing the EU sanctions, Vietnam’s economy will suffer. At that time, people and businesses will have to bear all the consequences.

Currently, the EU is tightening Vietnam with green standards. Now that this bloc is also listed as a money laundering and terrorism financing country, it’s going to be even more difficult. Once this issue falls apart, the US will follow the EU. At that time, all the damage was borne by the people.

Corruption is a terrible way to destroy the country, it is compared to an internal enemy. If corrupt then launders money, is will be exposed and punished, that is the second harm arising from corruption.

Which people can live with greedy officials? (Translated)