Dong Tam, the crime committed by General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong

After 4 days of trial in the Dong Tam first-instance hearing, the public is interested in the cold-blooded hero who held a gun with a barrel as big as his cold wrist and fired a bullet and hit the heart of party member Le Dinh Kinh.

This gunman continued to kill Mr. Bui Viet Hieu and then pulled the bodies of both of them out, thinking that Mr. Hieu was dead. However, Mr. Hieu was still alive and became the only witness to the death of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh.

Mr. Bui Viet Hieu testified in court that Mr. Le Dinh Kinh was shot directly at a distance of 1 meter, not from behind with a distance of 2.5 meters as described in the Investigation Conslusion and Indictment.

Public opinion is also interested in the person directly in charge and initiating this killing campaign, but so far the Ministry of Public Security hides these characters as a top-secret assassination plan. Or if they too understand that these guys are difficult to survive in the people’s court so they deliberately do not disclose.

Famous commentator blogger Bui Thanh Hieu made the point that for President cum General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, it is difficult to argue that he was not involved in the case, especially one day after the bloody raid occurred in Dong Tam and the execution of a comrade who completely believes in him, on January 10, 2020, President Nguyen Phu Trong rushed to sign the Decision on the posthumous reward of The First Class Victory Medal for 3 police officers who were declared dead in the attack in Dong Tam, although the question of these deaths has not been cleared up after the trial over, just waiting for sentencing. Blogger Bui Thanh Hieu’s article titled Dong Tam, the crime of Nguyen Phu Trong was posted on his personal Facebook with 207,000 followers.

If Tran Dai Quang was still alive and held the presidency, perhaps the Dong Tam tragedy would not have happened. By mobilizing so many troops and weapons in a time when the country was not at war, the approval of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces must be assured.

In 2012, I was the one who witnessed the land coercion in Van Giang, and thousands of police gathered in the night.

But in the morning, they deployed to protect the land to be forced, Van Giang people threw petrol bombs, bricks at the riot police force. The riot police use shields and smoke grenades to throw back.

There were two VOV journalists present in the middle of the conflict to film, they were beaten on the scene by the local police (not the riot police).

Land grabbing in Van Giang Hung Yen in 2012 with images of brutally beating people in the middle of the day, but too small compared to the bloodthirsty barbarism in the raid in Dong Tam

That day the mobile police just stood in the way of the land from outside the village, they did not enter the village, even though they were attacked with bricks and petrol bombs. They certainly followed the prevailing order to prevent people from going to the grabbed land, so even if they were attacked, they only stopped at the boundary of their assigned duties.

The Dong Tam case, as the police said, set up a post to prevent the people from being attacked, so they chased all the way to Mr. Kinh’s house and broke in, leading to the death of 3 police officers.

Try asking in the dark how can they determine who threw the stone at the stop. There’s no mention of the process of chasing the stoned from the block 3 kilometers from the village. A very long way to chase with feet, thousands of policemen are not going to chase the old men. And when chasing, anyone saw the stoned people running into Mr. Kinh’s house and had to break into and arrest.

Just ask questions

1- Is it true that Dong Tam people left their village at midnight to throw stones at a block 3 kilometers away from their village?

2- Have police forces described the process of chasing that distance?

3- Is there any evidence that those stoned runners ran into Mr. Kinh’s house?

4- Who ordered the chasing?

5- Who ordered the attack on Mr. Kinh’s house?

This country has millions of armed soldiers, tens of millions of people have joined the armed forces professional or service.

Everyone understands one thing is that when participating in the war, there is a plan to state the mission that they participate in.

The late-night raid on Hoanh village, Dong Tam on January 9, 2020, of 3,000 riot policemen of the Ministry of Public Security equipped with sniffing dogs and full of protective tools

You have the task of setting up a post to stop the people, no matter what happens, you have to stay at that post until there is another order. It was impossible for a unit to set up a post, and then someone provoked, the whole unit shivered to chase after pursuit just because the people threw stones at the posts of his unit. Then there was the siege, raid, and attack on the people’s house in the night.

A mob of regime fanatics screamed that terrorists like Mr. Kinh should be attacked like that?

Please ask before that there is evidence from the police, any conclusions of the police investigation sent to the procuracy proving that the Kinh group is a terrorist? If so, has an arrest plan been made?

Or if they attacked and got casualties, then took that as evidence that Kinh’s group was a terrorist?

The Dong Tam villagers recounted that they just suddenly saw the troops moving guns and shields landed in the village, surrounded all the roads to Mr. Kinh’s house, everyone who wanted to go was stopped, who did not obey by the request, police beat them including women.

Based on the statement of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and President Tran Dai Quang made in 2017, the Dong Tam case does not have to reach the level of violent operations like that on January 9, 2020.

On the afternoon of April 26, in Ho Chi Minh City, State President Tran Dai Quang during his meeting with voters in District 1, District 3, and District 4, said ‘We are directing Hanoi city to learn from the comprehensive experience of the case happened in Dong Tam and related to this incident, I think we have to grasp the situation and find out the reason why such situation exists.

Since then, there are measures to settle in love and reason. To do that, we must listen to the opinions of the people and we have to explain to the people to understand the undertakings and policies of the State to create a consensus

The decision to honor the First Class Victory Medal signed by State President Nguyen Phu Trong on January 10, 2020, to 3 police officers who were declared dead in the attack on Dong Tam

Meeting with voters in Do Son district (Hai Phong) on ​​May 13, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc commented: “… When performing its duties, it is necessary to comply with policies and laws; work in a rational manner, in the spirit of convincing the people, so that people can understand the policies of the Party and State Experience from past cases such as Quan Nam, Do Son in Hai Phong, and the recent incident in Dong Tam (My Duc district), Hanoi) is due to the government’s failure to kill the people, wrongly handling the law.”

Based on the above statements, it can be seen that despite the hostage of riot policemen, the Politburo of the Communist Party has not firmly intended to suppress Dong Tam people. But since Tran Dai Quang’s death, power has been concentrated on Nguyen Phu Trong, the Dong Tam tragedy has happened in a totalitarian and authoritarian manner.

Responsibilities Dong Tam, or disaster decision makers in Dong Tam in a key position, must have two names: Nguyen Phu Trong and To Lam.

Prime Minister Xuan Phuc is an opportunist, demoralized, flattering party. He is unlikely to be in the high-profile team that made a tough decision on January 9, 2020, but he would not object, even to follow.

It is impossible to say that Nguyen Phu Trong does not know amd not involved in the case

The Dong Tam case caused a storm of public opinion, from the President, the Prime Minister, and the head of the propaganda committee. As for Mr. Trong, he knew a luxury car attached to the signboard in Hau Giang, you read the newspaper, you still know, is it possible that the Dong Tam case, Mr. Trong did not know anything?

He knew all, even he was the one approving the plan to attack Dong Tam as general secretary, chairman of the Central Military Commission, as president of the country, commander in chief of the armed forces,” blogger Bui Thanh Hieu firmly made a comment.

A banner in Dong Tam commune affirms the absolute trust of Dong Tam people as well as Mr. Le Dinh Kinh in the Communist Party and Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong

In another perspective, writer Ta Duy Anh also gave advice to General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, two people whom Mr. Ta Duy Anh believes must be mainly responsible for the consequences of the case. bloody Concentricity. An article by writer Ta Duy Anh titled “Land, blood, and iron.”

The entire land of Dong Senh belongs to the category of poor-quality. Its worth  is only the odd amount that many officials have after loving the party wholeheartedly, serving the people! Compared to the wealth the country threwn into the sea because of its wrong policies and corruption, it was just a grain of sand on an elephant’s back. But it became the bloodiest land for Vietnamese people since 1975.

You can say whatever you want to say, if you want to use as many propaganda tools, you can use it, but the truth is nothing can justify this shame.

The most painful is that the dispute can be completely resolved with the smiles of fellow countrymen. But it took up to 4 lives (in danger of becoming 6) and dozens of other people with dead bodies, plus a few tens of millions of beliefs buried alive, just to fight for that land. (Translated)