Le Dinh Kinh was killed with a German MP5K gun

Elderly Dong Tam communal leader Le Dinh Kinh’s death recently was partly clarified due to the testimony of defendant Mr. Bui Viet Hieu in court that he was shot directly within a distance of 1 meter with a gun with a barrel the size of his wrist.

Public opinion and family also wondered why they directly killed Mr. Kinh but had to take his body away and opened his stomach very carefully, after a few days to bring it back, now there is an explanation for this.

German MP5K gun with silencer

A source from the Ministry of Public Security revealed to Thoibao.de that “Mr. Le Dinh Kinh was executed, shot directly with the German MP5K gun fitted with a silencer barrel.” This is the first time this information has been disclosed, because the police are always looking for ways to hide these specific details.

Following the information just released from Department 5 (Department of Intelligence, Ministry of Public Security) about the cause of the death of 3 police offiers in the attack on Dong Tam on the morning of Jan 9, 2020 was due to mistakenly shooting each other, then immediately after that, more information about the weapon that shot Le Dinh Kinh dead in the bedroom was a German MP5K gun, fitted with a silencer barrel and a 200 meter projector lamp.

Mr. Bui Viet Hieu said that after killing Mrs. Kinh, the gunman continued to shine the light and aimed his gun at his heart and pulled the trigger. Hieu was lucky to escape death just because a bullet hit his side and another hit his foot. He fell into a coma, his heart stopped making them think he was dead, so they carried his body out, and the hospital saved his life.

Thus, the source said more about the 200-meter lamp which is the super bright type used as a night support tool.

The MPK5 gun is a specialized weapon imported by Vietnam to equip the Hanoi Riot Police Battalion, now it is used to deal with the people and objects that need strong suppression.

The MP5K gun is a shortened version of the MP5 submachine gun, not only has a much shorter length, but also much lighter weight, so it is very flexible and convenient when working at close range.

A mobile police officer in Hanoi added that “just need to get the warheads in elderly Kinh’s body, compare to know which gun fired the bullets at him, thereby knowing the exact person who shot.”

The forensic examination department operated Ky’s body, which examined very carefully for two purposes. One is to find a warhead to hide the person who killed Le Dinh Kinh, perhaps this was the predetermined target of the attack.

Hanoi Riot Police are equipped with MP5 submachine gun with silencer barrel, photo on new Hanoi newspaper

The second goal of the autopsy is that they want to ensure complete destruction of evidence and traces. In fact, after several days, they returned Kinh’s body to his family for burial.

International newspapers also reported very early on the attack on Dong Tam village, the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security, headed by General To Lam, underminds the law of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Although there was no court order, the police still attacked Dong Tam in the middle of the night. However, the news that they used German military technology and weapons to kill the 84-year-old man in his bedroom, which is a big surprise for the media, press and politicians in Germany. The opposition parties were ready to question German government officials about the transfer of weapons  and military technology to the Vietnamese side.

It is expected that in the coming days, the German government will begin investigating why the country’s weapons appear in a totalitarian Communist state to suppress the people.

Commenting on information about German weapons used to kill Le Dinh Kinh, Bui Minh Anh, a Vietnamese-German citizen, said:

Germany is not allowed to sell weapons to countries that abuse human rights. Germany is responsible for the sale of weapons to Vietnam.

The German government has the right to oppose the Vietnamese government when using German weapons to kill the people, so I think it is imperative that Germany is involved.

The defendants are brought to the German embassy to sue because the gun of German people violates international law, it is imperative that Germany resolves the Dong Tam’s issue.”

The bedroom where Mr. Le Dinh Kinh was shot to death with bullet marks everywhere

Also about the death of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh, lawyer Ngo Anh Tuan recounted that he himself had 5 times suggested to the Trial Panel’s presiding judge to clarify the cause of his death, but was rejected by the court on the grounds that “no related to the case.”

This story was told by lawyer Ngo Anh Tuan in an article titled “If your father is Mr. Kinh?.” The content is as follows:

Would you like to know why your father was shot dead in the bedroom of his own home and then charged with murder without going through a trial?

In the trial, no less than 5 times I suggested to be clear about the behavior and the cause that led the riot police to shoot and kill Mr. Kinh, a man over 80 years old, with his right hand on a cane. However, every time I mention this content, I am reminded by the presiding judge that the lawyer must not mention this content because it is not related to the case. I disagree as clearly on page 49 the clear indictment that Mrs. Kinh committed murder under Item 1, Article 123 of the Criminal Code, so why is he not considered in this case? If you do not consider in this case, which case will be considered when the denunciation letter of widow Du Thi Thanh, Mrs. Kinh’s wife did not receive any response but the indictment clearly stated that this application has no basis to consider? However, the contents I mentioned in the questions, arguments, and answers are all aside …

If Mr. Kinh is the evil power of modern times, after decades of being a local official, will he live in a house on a slightly sluggish level with almost nothing worthwhile in the house?

As an evil power, will the people here respect and love like that? The media that you have read about his evil image must be enough, you should try to come to Dong Tam yourself to have a more objective view.”

Old house of Le Dinh Kinh – the second house from right to the right – where Major General To An Xo called the new landlord was living.

Anyone you can hear about him with full of respect, pride and compassion. You only hear what you read in the press when you go to the CPC to meet with leaders or to the houses of officials who have been denounced to prison

Everyone who dies must have a reason and more than anyone else, relatives of the dead have more and more reason to know that reason. So why, at the same time, in the same case, one person dies, is known as the reason and the other does not, is there any discrimination?

To be honest, if your father was Mr. Kinh, how would you behave in this situation?”

That is a question instead of the conclusion of Mr. Ngo Anh Tuan.

In the file of Dong Tam, Professor Hoang Xuan Phu commented:

On the evening of January 10, Major General To An Xo, the chief of the Office and the spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security said that the ministry confirmed that the person who died among the objects opposed to on-duty state officials in Dong Tam was Mr. Le. Dinh Kinh. According to the Hanoi City Police, during an autopsy, Mr. Le Dinh Kinh’s hand held a grenade.

Think that an 84-year-old man who was beaten by the police in 2017, where did he get strength to oppose the on-duty state officials?

Mr. Le Dinh Kinh was released from the hospital and returned to receive respect from the villagers.

He was lame legged, lying in bed, then holding grenades for what? Did the people transporting the body from the home of Mrs. Kinh to the place of the autopsy had nerve problems, but left the dead to hold grenades in hand during long-distance transport? And if that was the case, then why not show a picture of Mrs. Kinh dead and still holding a grenade in hand? It is not difficult to put a grenade in the hand of the dead person to take pictures. Perhaps that stage was in the script, but the actor forgot to act. After everything was over, they suddenly remembered. Consequently, they created a photo with 7 grenades, of which one was accompanied by the caption “In the hands of Le Dinh Kinh.”

Furthermore, on the morning of January 14, 2020, Deputy Minister of Public Security Luong Tam Quang added more details: “There was still a grenade in Le Dinh Kinh’s hand, after throwing a non-explosive one.” Trying to ask, lying on a bed in a tight, narrow bedroom (size 2.4 m x 3.6 m), did Mrs. Kinh throw grenades to kill himself? If you’re going to kill yourself, then you only need to pull out the grenade’s pin, but what should you try to throw for the waste of old energy?

Listen to the words of old lady Du Thi Thanh (wife of elderly Le Dinh Kinh): “Police forced me to make false confession of holding grenades at home. I told them that I did not know how a grenade was, I did not know such a weapon. Now, I can’t tell you. So he slapped me. All the time, he kept slapping from side to side. Then he kicked my legs.”

Regarding the accusation that Mr. Kinh fought back by holding a grenade was only a self-declaration of the police, there was no basis to prove it, while Bui Viet Hieu was the only the person to witness the death of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh, has confirmed in court that Mr. Kinh did not have a grenade.

Thoibao.de (Translated)