Criminals within police forces, does General Secretary track down Minister To Lam?

Former Director of Ho Chi Minh City Police Department Bui Quoc Huy – who was involved in the Nam Cam case

The Nam Cam case more than 20 years ago was a case that shocked the country in terms of the danger, the scale of the criminal organization, and the deep involvement of government officials. To date, this case is still the most famous criminal case, and so far, it has become a “legend” to solve the case. It was the first time people saw the corruption of the government, especially the police force.

There were big officials involved in the Nam Cam case. The police force has Mr. Duong Minh Ngoc, who was a Lieutenant Colonel at the time of his arrest, head of the Police Investigation Division of the HCM City Police Department, he was once honored as a hero of the armed forces; Mr. Nguyen Manh Trung, Lieutenant Colonel, Deputy Head of the Police Investigation Division; Bui Quoc Huy, Lieutenant General, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Police Department. Those are the police officers who “sell themselves to the devil.”

There were also officials, such as: Tran Mai Hanh, former General Director of Voice of Vietnam and Pham Sy Chien, former Deputy Director of the Supreme People’s Procuracy, etc…

Some people think that in the Nam Cam case, people don’t dig more, but if they had investigated more, they would have found more big characters, especially former President Truong Tan Sang. That is the picture of collusion between criminals and officials 20 years ago. In fact, this picture was formed many years ago, and it was not until the early 2000s that it was revealed. The essence of this mode is red and black interlaced, in red there is black.

So, the question is, from then until now, has the picture of the police forces remained the same or have been cleaner? Someone answered that, no one is dirty but clean. The police forces since the Nam Cam case, it seems that they don’t dare to break the rope anymore, because the interests are now intertwined. If group A destroys group B, then group B will also find a way to reveal the secret history of the opponent to the public. The answer is that the police forces today can’t be cleaner than it was 20 years ago, although no case as big as the Nam Cam case has been uncovered.

Recently, the press said that the Supreme People’s Procuracy has prosecuted and detained Ho Van Tan, former head of the Police Department investigating crimes on corruption, economy and smuggling (PC03, An Giang Police Department), and his subordinate is former Investigator Nguyen Minh Tri, to investigate the crime of abusing positions and powers while performing official duties, related to the Muoi Tuong case.

Ho Van Tan, 55, former Head of the Department and former Investigator Nguyen Minh Tri, both from the An Giang provincial Police Department, were prosecuted and taken into custody on charges of omission. The way these policemen did, like Nguyen Manh Trung and Duong Minh Ngoc before, for the Nam Cam case. This is not a rare case but a common case in the police forces. It’s just that these men were unlucky and were beaten by Dinh Van Noi when he was the Director of the An Giang provincial Police Department. There are countless other provincial police officers who are not afraid of being exposed.

For example, the case of Do Huu Ca, former Director of Hai Phong Police Department, was only revealed when he retired. In fact, police officers all get rich in similar ways. They use the power in their hands to protect a certain criminal organization, to get rich. It is no coincidence that the position of a provincial police chief costs an average of VND30 billion ($1.3 million). Some people think that if they sweep the Ministry of Public Security, a lot of faces like Ho Van Tan will emerge.

In fact, the Ministry of Public Security is emerging with such ulcers, whether General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong will track Miminister To Lam about the rampant dirty police? Perhaps the General Secretary did not do that, because having reached the position of General Secretary, Trong also knows how dirty the police forces of this regime is. (Translated)