General Secretary Trong’s hands grabbed, his “golden friend” not afraid of Vietnam-US ties

Vietnam upgrades relations with the US, China is not afraid

The US President’s visit to Vietnam in September caused the press to waste a lot of time. In particular, the US upgraded its relationship with Vietnam to a comprehensive strategic partnership, on par with the relationship between Vietnam and China.

It is worth mentioning that, after US President Joe Biden’s visit to Vietnam, there was Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s trip to the US not long after, and now there is President Vo Van Thuong’s trip to the US. During PM Chinh’s visit, the world press also reported that Vietnam wanted to buy weapons, especially buying F-16 fighters from the US. That shows a good sign. However, in reality, the relationship between Vietnam and the US is not as good as it appears on the surface.

If Vietnam moves closer to the US politically, Beijing will react harshly. That is understandable, because they think that Vietnam’s proximity to the US will threaten them, like Taiwan. However, after President Biden’s visit to Hanoi, the Chinese Foreign Ministry did not react. As for the Global Times – a hawkish newspaper from Beijing – only spoke lightly about the news of Vietnam’s flirtation with the US F-16.

In the recording clip of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ha Kim Ngoc’s speech, speaking to retired leaders at the Thang Long Club, it is revealed that, before inviting the US President to visit, the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong sent people to China and reported everything to Xi Jinping. That is, Vietnam is proving that it is independent in international relations, but it is “independent” within the framework controlled by Beijing.

Vietnam is considered by China as its buffer zone. Up to now, China has turned Vietnam into a dependent country both economically and politically. Economically, Vietnam is becoming more and more dependent on China. Cheap Chinese goods are destroying Vietnamese agriculture, and that being said, China has made Vietnam completely dependent on their raw material market. If China disconnects, Vietnam’s economy will soon die.

Politically, this is a very sensitive issue, because more than anyone else, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong knows that the Vietnamese people have very strong resistance to Communist China. Therefore, if he want to bring the Communist Party of Vietnam closer to China, the General Secretary must create a mask, must let the Vietnamese people “drink sugar water” so that the whole people think that the General Secretary has changed, moving closer to America. To do politics is to use tricks, to know how to create masks, especially to take advantage of populism to achieve political goals.

Private information said that when the General Secretary completely seized power, that is, when he entered his second term, he implemented plans that were extremely unfavorable for Vietnam but very beneficial for China. That is, he put his hand into the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, and he abolished the General Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Public Security (ie General Department 5) and abolished all provincial intelligence departments.

Before eliminating General Department 5, the intelligence departments of the six northern border provinces were the key to blocking spy elements from “friendly countries” from entering Vietnam. However, when these blocking points no longer exist, it can be said that Vietnamese intelligence has lost control over its own territory.

The elimination of General Department 5 had the strong support of Minister. To Lam. Therefore, it can be said that To Lam is not only a person who pleases the General Secretary, but also pleases Beijing. Although he is a fierce god to the people, To Lam is very helpful to the “golden friend of the North.”

The fact that To Lam went to Berlin to kidnap people was an act that caused great damage to the country. Because not only Germany, but also other countries in the EU are more wary of Vietnam. But this is beneficial for China. Because Vietnam is not closer to the US politically, and Western countries keep their distance from Vietnam, only China benefits the most. (Translated)