As Vietnam’s self-defense ability weakened, senior leaders flocking to China!

Mr. Nguyen Van Nen works in China

Nguyen Phu Trong is a two-faced person. He makes good use of populism to gain points in front of the entire people. And once he is believed by the majority, the news exposing his bad tricks will be refused to be accepted by those who worship him. He also has the advantage of being admired by the entire propaganda machine.

The anti-corruption work he is doing is real, not a fabrication. However, in this action, it is not certain that he really wanted to clean up the state apparatus, but mainly, he intended to purge those who did not belong to his circle. He fought for real, he arrested real people, so some people believed him, even though the person who replaced the arrested corrupt official was also a corrupt official just had not yet been exposed.

Trong’s furnace-burning campaign was reported daily by the press, but the dangers caused by his abolition of General Department 5 of the Ministry of Public Security were not analyzed by any official newspaper for the people. Even if they knew, no newspaper would dare to publish it and no journalist would dare to do this. Only outside free newspapers dare to dig deeper into this dangerous issue.

Mostly, the news was leaked out by people inside the Communist Party who disagreed with Trong’s way of doing things. However, if outside newspapers publish, the Communist government will find every way to block or suppress interaction.

When the intelligence system is weakened, it is clear that our opponents will understand us more than we understand them. And even within the Communist Party of Vietnam, senior leaders also feel insecure and afraid of China, because it knows too much about Vietnamese officials. In addition, the fact that officials who went to China and then returned suddenly contracted a strange disease and died, also fear many people holding important positions in the Party. Among them, many people choose to go to China to “find support” for their political career.

After the US President’s visit to Vietnam in September, high-ranking officials in the Communist Party of Vietnam unusually flocked to China.

First, Minister of Public Security To Lam went to China on September 13. Next is Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh  going to China on September 16. President Vo Van Thuong  went to China on October 17. Defense Minister Phan Van Giang went to China on October 27. Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha went to China on November 5. And on November 13, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen also led the whole group to China.

On the surface, these people go on business. However, in no country, and at no time have officials flocked to China with such intensity. Internal information said that these officials took advantage of the opportunity to find cover.

Currently, no one in the Communist Party of Vietnam is confident enough to “not be afraid of China.” Because even if you have a firm grasp of General Department 2, you may not be able to protect yourself, because General Department 2 is currently inferior to the Chinese intelligence. Even General Giang had to go to China to “search for a political future” so it’s clear that the Communist Party of Vietnam is not strong. If anything, they are only strong compared to Vietnamese people, but compared to their fellow countries, they are like a deer in front of a tiger’s mouth.

When the intelligence wall was erased by Trong, he almost brought Vietnam “into the hands of the enemy.” As time went on, the General Department of Military Intelligence narrowed its scope of activities. Therefore, there will be many more officials who will have to compete to go to China once. Because if you don’t find a place to take refuge early, you will easily be killed by your comrades. Trong’s lesson clearly shows that his strength comes only from “knowing how to seek power” from China. (Translated)