Van Thinh Phat case: brazen arbitrariness of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong

The fact that Deputy Central Commission for Internal Affairs Nguyen Van Yen affirmed on November 22: “Receiving bribes in the Van Thinh Phat case but not for personal gain will be exempt from criminal liability” has made Vietnam’s public extremely unhappy.

Why did the Communist Party of Vietnam propose such a policy that is considered extremely “bizarre“?

Specifically, the representative of the Central agency for Anti-Corruption and Negligence, Nguyen Van Yen, said that for those who receive little, there is no incentive; receive money such as allowances or gifts; do not commit to doing anything to benefit the party giving money, will be considered and will not be handled criminally, but strictly handled in terms of Party discipline and administration. Furthermore, Mr. Yen also believes that handling this outrageous situation is “understanding and reasonable” (!?)

Commenting on Yen’s “blasphemous” statement, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Chu, who used to be an advisor to the Nghe An Provincial Party Committee’s leadership, in a status posted on his personal Facebook page, with the title “Three issues related to the Van Thinh Phat case” commenting that:

The law is clear and cannot be arbitrarily based on the judge’s point of view. If they receive money, there must be a reason. How can we determine whether they receive money without any motive or commitment to do anything beneficial to the party giving the money? Chu Ngoc Anh didn’t remember the gift bag for several months, but only found out when he moved house, so how can he prove his commitment?”

Still according to Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Chu, “Therefore: People who receive little, have no motivation; receive money during holidays such as allowances and gifts; does not commit to doing anything to benefit the party giving money, the reasons and circumstances will be carefully considered. These cases will not be handled criminally, but will be strictly handled in terms of Party discipline and administration. It is not reasonable but the law has been improperly applied. If there is a crime, they will be prosecuted according to the law, why not handle criminal matters but strictly handle Party discipline and administration?”

Observers and public opinion see that Yen’s statement is completely contrary to the spirit of living and working according to the Constitution and the law, which the Communist Party of Vietnam always calls for and advocates for its members as well as the masses do it.

Why, despite calling on everyone to live and work according to the Constitution and the law, the anti-corruption system headed by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong lacks such “publicity and impartiality“? Why give yourself the right to squat above the Constitution and laws of the country?

Why is the case of Van Thinh Phat and Truong My Lan considered a heinous case, the biggest in history, during the period when the Communist court ruled Vietnam for 78 years? Yet, only considering the criminal liability of members of the Government’s Interdisciplinary Inspection Team towards SCB Bank is clearly inadequate?

Public opinion requests the head of the Central Anti-Corruption and Negativities Agency – General Secretary  Nguyen Phu Trong – to give a clear answer to the people: Whether or not a series of anti-corruption officials have “committed” death to cover up clues?

Those are the people who helped and received money to hide wrongdoings of Van Thinh Phat and its Chairwoman Truong My Lan. Specifically:

  1. On November 19, 2022, former Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Hua Ngoc Thuan – aka Bay Thuan, jumped from the rooftop to commit suicide, and died at his home, in the Phu My Hung urban area. He used to be Head of the Investment and Construction Management Department of the Southern Urban Area of the city, where Van Thinh Phat Group developed many large projects.
  2. Just 2 days later, on November 21, 2022, it was the turn of Nguyen Van Hung, Member of the 13th Party Central Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Central Inspection Commission for the 2021-2026 term, who also jumped from the building and died on the spot, at the headquarters of the Party Central Committee’s Inspection Commission at No. 7 Nguyen Canh Chan street, Quan Thanh ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.

Experts confirm that Hung received a huge amount of money from Truong My Lan, and he was forced to die, to save his comrades who were still “lying in the straw” and had not yet been exposed.

  1. And yet, on March 4, 2023, Deputy Inspector General of the Government for the 2021-2026 term, Tran Van Minh, hanged himself at his home in Ho Chi Minh City. According to revelations from knowledgeable people, he is said to have helped Truong My Lan and Nguyen Cao Tri, related to the trillion-dollar Saigon-Dai Ninh project in Lam Dong province. Minh is said to have committed suicide to cover up clues for Ms. Truong My Lan.

As a reminder, about the scandalous “golden beef” party of Minister of Public Security To Lam, in London, UK, on November 4, 2021, after which To Lam was commented by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: “The food is a poor one; If you lose it, you will get very angry.” (Translated)