Why should Minister To Lam and General Secretary Trong be responsible for Police’ moral degradation?

At the time of committing two property theft cases, Nguyen Viet Khanh was an officer at the Detention Center of Quang Ninh Provincial Police

In recent years, crimes committed by officers and soldiers of the Vietnamese police force have occurred continuously and systematically. This endangers social safety, when people – with the responsibility of being “sword and shield” to protect the regime – commit acts of bandits.

Most recently, Cong Cong newspaper reported on November 24, with the headline: “Former prison officer broke in and stole 42 phones.”

The news said: “On the afternoon of November 23, the People’s Court of Hai Duong province opened a firstinstance trial for defendant Nguyen Viet Khanh (born in 1997, residing in Giao Ha commune, Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh), on the crime of “Theft of property.”

Based on the case file, the defendant’s testimony and the results of the trial in court, the Trial Panel sentenced defendant Nguyen Viet Khanh to 9 years in prison, for the crime of “Theft of property” according to Point a, Clause 4, Article 173 of the Criminal Code.

The newspaper emphasized: “Notably, at the time of the crime, defendant Khanh was an officer of the Quang Ninh provincial Police Detention Center.”

A public question is, why is the crime committed by officers and soldiers of the police force under General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, with two generations of Minister of Public Security – General Tran Dai Quang (2011-2016) and General To Lam (2016 to present) – happened continuously and systematically?

This was the period when the head of the Communist Party of Vietnam – Nguyen Phu Trong – steered the police force, from the criterion: “The People’s Police, forget about yourself for the sake of the country, Serve for the people” to turn into: “The People’s Police prioritize to protect the party!”

The easiest answer is that the house of the police force “leaked from the roof.”

Specifically, public opinion questions:

– Does General and former Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang have anything to do with defendant Phan Van Anh Vu (Vu Aluminum) in the real estate manipulation deals of the company of the Ministry of Public Security? Also, are the allegations related to the testimony of death row prisoner Duong Chi Dung about Tran Dai Quang’s relationship with Truong My Lan accurate?

– Lieutenant General, Deputy Minister of Public Security Pham Quy Ngo died, was accused: “Duong Chi Dung accused Ngo of receiving $510 thousand from him to help him escape from being prosecuted, and bribed Ngo VND20 billion on another occasion, related to a businesswoman named Lan.”

In addition, many generals of the Ministry of Public Security who were involved in indignity and prosecuted:

  1. Lieutenant General, Deputy Minister Tran Viet Tan, 3 years in prison in the case of Phan Van Anh Vu ie (Vu aluminum).
  2. Lieutenant General, Deputy Minister Bui Van Thanh, nearly 3 years in prison also in the Vu Aluminum case.
  3. Lieutenant General Phan Huu Tuan, former Deputy Director of the General Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Public Security, was arrested in connection with the Vu aluminum case.
  4. Lieutenant General Phan Van Vinh, Director General of the General Department of Police.
  5. Major General Nguyen Thanh Hoa, former Director of the Police Department for High-tech Crime Prevention.

Both Mr. Vinh and Mr. Gao were arrested and prosecuted for supporting an online gambling ring worth thousands of billions of dong.

  1. Nguyen Duc Chung, Major General, former Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, was arrested for “abusing position and power while performing official duties.”
  2. Major General Do Huu Ca, former Director of Hai Phong City Police, was arrested for fraudulent appropriation of property, including VND35 billion bribery for lobbing for lighter criminal charges.
  3. Major General Nguyen Anh Tuan, former Deputy Director of Hanoi Police, was prosecuted for getting bribery in the “rescue flight” case.

That’s not to mention the colonel and lieutenant officers who committed crimes, because they are too numerous to list.

Even General and current Minister of Public Security To Lam – whom Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong once entrusted with a lot of power in the past – must now disappoint the party chief.

Minister To Lam disregarded international law, assigned Vietnamese agents to Germany, and in July 2017, kidnapped Trinh Xuan Thanh right in the heart of Berlin. An action likened to the “Cold War” period.

Analysts give different reasons and causes, but notably, according to Associate Professor, Dr. Pham Quy Tho, Academy of Policy and Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment, commented that:

Especially the tense developments at the leadership between the Party and the Government from the 11th term (20112016) of the Communist Party to the present. Not sharing exclusive power with anyone, including civil society and the people, the Party issued Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the 11th Central Committee in 2011, on fighting corruption internally.”

Dr. Pham Quy Tho’s comments prove that the more authoritarian and autocratic General Secretary Trong’s Party is, the more power will have the police forces.

So, the fact that the ” The People’s Police prioritize to protect the party” violating the law, with the behavior of bandits, is also understandable.

Thoibao.de (Translated)