How did tycoons fall into trap of “fattening and kill” of Vietnamese leaders?

Former Governor of the State Bank, Chief of Party Central Office Le Minh Hung

Regarding the case of Van Thinh Phat and its Chairwoman Truong My Lan, a reliable source told that everything was arranged. Specifically, the case will not expand the investigation upward, but will go horizontally.

That is, the authorities will focus on recovering related assets to consider compensation for investors and bond buyers.

The source said that the governor, leaders and top experts of the State Bank of Vietnam have drawn up many different response scenarios to ensure macroeconomic stability.

The case of Van Thinh Phat and Truong My Lan will end before Lunar New Year 2024, in the spirit of peace for the whole country. And the question of who the “final boss” is will not have an answer.

The news just mentioned fits a scenario that has been circulating in knowledgeable circles for a long time.

That is the economic policy of “catching the enemy with your bare hands” prepared by the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, with a tactic called “Raise fat then kill for meat” very few people know.

This is a very profitable business policy, the Party does not have to invest capital but people are still grateful. This is a script prepared for famous tycoons, such as: Trinh Van Quyet and FLC, Do Anh Dung and Tan Hoang Minh; and most recently, Truong My Lan and Van Thinh Phat, etc. They all have the same ending: Confiscation of all the rich people’s assets, while the Party gets both profit and honor.

More importantly, the Vietnamese people, especially the middle class, those who “gathered” money and assets to buy bonds, play stocks… eventually lost everything to the Party. But in name, the people are empty-handed because tycoons and billionaires defrauded them to appropriate their assets. The Party holds the money and assets of the tycoons, but the Party remains innocent.

In fact, tycoons in Vietnam were initially created by the Party to get rich very quickly. Not only that, the state-controlled media also helps them and propaganda without pay, building great images for individuals and businesses.

Initially, businesses and tycoons received special “attention” from state leaders. They met with Party and state leaders, took commemorative photos, and were even awarded medals for their contributions to the country’s economic development…

At that time, the relationship between the tycoons and the Party and state leaders was very warm and sincere. Senior leaders are like family members. Whatever is difficult, leaders  are always behind to direct and help wholeheartedly.

Meanwhile, the anti-corruption work is still going strong. The tycoons always think that they are ranked businessmen, protected, and no one dares to touch them. Then when they are fat enough, the Party will kill them, and the tycoons will end up empty-handed and go to jail.

The Party even intentionally created loopholes to lure tycoons into the trap. Because the Party knows very well that the tycoons all come from nothing and have no money. Even as rich as Truong My Lan, who started out as just a small merchant selling fabric at An Dong market, they came from nothing with empty hands.

But the Party knows that every one of them is greedy. When they have Party leaders behind them, they rush to make money like a scorched earth. The guise that the Party uses to seduce is the nation’s land.

Initially, the Party sold a few plots of land at cheap prices to use as capital. At that time, the Party whispered, “There’s a lot of money in the people, let’s find a way to use it.” At the same time, the entire political system, including the Party and Government, will accompany businesses, in the spirit of “harmonious benefits, shared risks.”

The Government instructs the State Bank, Securities Commission, State Audit, etc. to create maximum conditions for bussinesses, give the giants the green light, through stock trading and corporate bond issuance, to attract money from the people, following the tactic of “using its fat to fry it.”

Initially, giants were allowed to issue corporate bonds freely. The State Securities Commission will stand by and create favorable conditions for business, including allowing fraudulent manipulation. Business financial reports give them the freedom to draw and paint beautifully to lure greedy people into your trap, as much as possible.

Doing so has its advantages, state leaders will be very safe, not losing any sweat, making a living by protecting businesses. If a business gives them kickbacks, they can take as much as they want, and don’t forget to say “thank you” but in the spirit of absolutely not being “self-seeking“, it doesn’t matter if they get counter-accused.

When the Party takes care of them until they are fat, then the Party will kill them. At that time, the Party considered it unrelated, and said that the state’s assets and land would be taken back. That is the property of the entire people, managed by the Party, not the tycoons.

The only thing the Party did not say is: The Party borrows the hands of tycoons to enrich the state, and borrows the hands of tycoons to extort money from the people. When the people demand that the state be responsible, the Party will demand the opposite: you have to ask money from whoever you have given the money. Even though all the money is in the Party’s purse.

Therefore, some people advise Van Thinh Phat’s victims not to hope anymore. Your money deposited with SCB and Van Thinh Phat is all in the Party’s purse. But the Party is blameless, so the Party has no responsibility to return it to you. (Translated)