Former legislator Luu Binh Nhuong gets arrested because he was on people’s side!

The Central Inspection Commission concluded that Luu Binh Nhuong “self-evolved” and “self-transformed

Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong is a member of the Communist Party. Initially, the Party let him to be a member of the National Assembly as a decoration for the rubber-stamped parliament, nodding to the Party’s will. This has two purposes, the first is to deceive the people that the National Assembly also has mixed opinions. Second, to show international organizations that Vietnam also has “democracy.”

However, Luu Binh Nhuong is not uncultured like other officials. He is a person with real qualifications and sharp reasoning, making big-name characters unable to keep up. Thus, the “dirty scheme” was outlined.

First, the Party removed Luu Binh Nhuong from his role as a member to the 15th National Assembly, so that he could no longer speak before the parliament on thorny issues. However, removing him from the role of National Assembly delegate will not cause him to “sink” because on legislative and law-related issues, the media cannot help but look for Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong for interview.

Once, VTC News television channel interviewed Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong about allowing corrupt people to return corruption money. He bluntly said that there must be a fine, even a heavy fine not just returning the money then exonerated. This opinion of Mr. Nhuong is like a slap in the face of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

Those who wanted to completely silence Luu Binh Nhuong’s voice assigned To Lam to use “dirty tricks” on him. But To Lam did not take action himself, but handed him over to Thai Binh Police, Mr. Nhuong’s hometown. Thai Binh police did not know what crime to assign to him, so they paired him with “Cuong Quat” – a gangster protecting sand mining.

However, after arresting him, both the Thai Binh Police and the Thai Binh People’s Procuracy were confused and could not explain how Mr. Nhuong was involved in “Cuong Que“. Through that, public opinion analyzed and clearly see the deceit of the authorities. Up to now, the task of explaining clearly the reason for Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong’s arrest to the Thai Binh Police is an impossible task. Because no matter how much they fabricate it, it will not work. Reasonable, but also full of holes.

At the 34th session of the Central Inspection Commission, which took place on December 18-20, receiving General Secretary Trong’s order, Tran Cam Tu, Chairman of the Commission, put Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong on the choir, with decided to expel Mr. Nhuong from the Party, due to the deterioration of political ideology, ethics, lifestyle, “self-evolution” and “self-transformation.” That is the way to speak in the language of the Communist state. Speaking in the language of the people, Luu Binh Nhuong was expelled from the Communist Party because he dared to stand on the side of the people.

The Central Inspection Commission’s conclusion said that Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong was determined to violate Party regulations and State laws; violating regulations on what party members are not allowed to do, and the responsibility to set an example in performing assigned responsibilities and tasks.

It is unclear what the tasks the Party concluded that Luu Binh Nhuong “did not complete his assigned tasks.” Is it a duty to agree with the Party’s will and to speak along with the leader’s will? Because Mr. Nhuong not only humiliated the General Secretary once because of his ignorance of the law, but also had a heated collision with the police right in the parliament. If judged from the Party’s perspective, we will see that Mr. Nhuong “stubbornly” refused to nod or follow the Party.

The Central Inspection Commission’s conclusion also affirmed that Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong was determined to have violated the Law on Protection of State Secrets, but later (December 26) Thai Binh Police did not probe him this charge but for “abusing his position to profit hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

The Inspection Commission’s conclusion commented “adversely affects the reputation of Party organizations and state agencies” perhaps this is their real comment. If Mr. Nhuong praised Mr. General Secretary, would Trong be criticized by public opinion for being “ignorant” of the law? It is true that Mr. Nhuong has lost face to the Party and to the party chief.

As for the reasons, such as “property confiscation” involving Cuong Que, they are increasingly revealed to be fabricated reasons. The exact reason is that Mr. Nhuong refused to praise the Party and the leaders, but instead stood on the side of the people. (Translated)