Patient No. 21 – Prof. Nguyen Quang Thuan may be the source of infection for Party and State officials

Professor Nguyen Quang Thuan – the source of infection for high-ranking Party and State officials of Vietnam, is a hot topic, gaining public attention and comment.

The 17th case of corona virus infection caused a shock in Hanoi. On March 8, the Vietnamese government announced 10 new cases of virus infection, and one particularly worrying is the “21st patient.” The 21st case was judged to have “the highest risk of infection,” much higher than patient no. 17. Patient no.21 is a senior official.

Official media said patient No. 21, Mr. N.Q.T., 61 years old, lives at Nguyen Khac Nhu Street, Truc Bach Ward, Ba Dinh District. He traveled with flight VN0054, took seat 5A, next to patient no. 17 named Nguyen Hong Nhung.

According to known information, the 21st patient is Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan, former chairman of the Academy of Social Sciences, vice-chairman of the Central Theoretical Council and the member of the PM’s economic advisory group.

Different from Ms. Nguyen Hong Nhung, a businessman who resided in Truc Bach ward having symptoms of illness so she did not go out almost, after returning to the country (with exception of examination at Hong Ngoc hospital and a store – according to official information), the patient No. 21 was still working normally.

Hanoi Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said the 21st case of Covid-19 would probably be the “highest risk of infection because this person contacted with many elderly people, this case is complicated and the most difficult.”

Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan is likely to be the source of infection for nearly 400 people under the “F2” category alone at the Academy of Social Sciences, the Central Theoretical Council and the Central Commission for Propaganda and Education.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan, 61, is a Vietnamese professor and PhD on economics. He is currently a vice chairman of the Central Theoretical Council of the Communist Party of Vietnam, vice chairman of the council for production of Vietnam Encyclopedia. He was the former president of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and an incumbent member of the Economic Advisory Group of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc for the 2016-2020 term.

According to the Hanoi government, on March 2-6, that is, prior to hospital admission, the 21st patient was exposed to “a total of 96 people.”

During the five-day period mentioned above, Mr. Thuan participated in several meetings at the Academy of Social Sciences and the Central Theoretical Council.

Currently, according to some unofficial information, the Academy of Social Sciences has made a list of isolated people. Particularly, the number of people “indirectly contact ” with Mr. Thuan, through another person, has reached nearly 400 (or “ F2 ”, in terms of epidemiology commonly used in Vietnam). Family members of nearly 400 F2 people were forced to stay isolated at home for 14 days, following the Hanoi government’s decision to “upgrade isolation.”

The fact that many high-ranking officials in the Vietnamese government, such as Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung (announced to be negative test with Covid-19), and former President of the Academy of Social Sciences Nguyen Quang Thuan, present at Flight VN 0054, where the risk of Covid-19 infection is high, raises questions about the Vietnamese government’s prevention policy.

Mr. Le Dung, a Hanoi-based independent journalist, stated the government’s responsibility to let officials from places at risk of the disease return, move normally, without putting under strict medical supervision.

The “gap” on the top of the apparatus …
This is what journalist Le Dung called “the second gap” in the prevention system, next to the “first flaw”- the medical declaration, quarantine of international aviation and Vietnam:

Vietnam’s health authorities did not check health issues of the delegation led by Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung and Mr. Thuan after the country imposed strict regulations for people coming from EU and South Korea.

Mr. Dung and Mr. Thuan held meetings in many places and took part in a number of events which gathered many people. I think more infections will occur in next days.”

According to journalist Nguyen Tien Tuong, Prof. Thuan has a big villa in Hanoi’s center, golf membership worth VND3 billion a year, and eat in 5-star hotel.

Still Mr. Dung, still Mr. Thuan” – is the title of the article by journalist Nguyen Tien Tuong on his personal Facebook page to comment on the behavior of state officials thanks to this Wuhan virus Vietnamese people just witnessed. Mr. Dung here is the Minister of MPI Nguyen Chi Dung and Mr. Thuan is Prof. PhD Nguyen Quang Thuan, member of the Economic Advisory Group of PM Phuc, former director of the Chinese Research Institute and ex-president of the Vietnam Academy of Sciences.

Reportedly, the MPI’s delegation visiting India and the UK consisted of 12 people. They are in the Editorial Board of the socio-economic subcommittee of the upcoming 13th Party Congress. Meaning they will build something theoretically and theoretically. And that has not happened: They visited in India to call for investment, there were no new investment figures, no investment policy was confirmed directly at the meetings. In the UK, they visit the start-up study program, of course there is no innovation.

It is reported that they came back to the country to have a grand party, inviting a female singer to sit next to Mr. Dung. In the context of the whole country fighting against epidemics, they can do so, which can be considered playing in the fear of the people.

Please review Prof. Thuan’s schedule, the 21st case, a regular person communicates with old shirts. In addition to meeting at the Theorethical Council, he went to lunch at Daewoo, had dinner at a restaurant, played golf with his colleagues. Thanks to the virus incident, people can know his luxury life.

Hanoi’s Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung during an emergency meeting at 22:30 of March 6 when patient No. 17 Nguyen Hong Nhung was discovered

It is unbelievable that Ms. Nhung was hospitalized on March 5 while Prof. Thuan was still playing golf on March 6. Where is the principle process? Where is the political consciousness? People stay up all night to get another case from Mr. Thuan? Really urgent!
Minister Dung and prof. Thuan Mr. Dung are senior officials, but they are doubtful because they have brought people germs and feelings of insecurity

Not yet compared to the people, look at the meeting in the middle of the night in Hanoi, look at the suffering of Mr. Vu Duc Dam is enough to see the terrible suffering that the “political system” is experiencing. In this context, a delegation of brocade robes of incense returned to foreign lands, bringing fear to the people to show the regal again, it was really sad.

The girl named Hồng Nhung was a painter for the people, after all she went on her own money. Other are senior officials using plane tickets from money of the people, can not take care of themselves, become a risk to many people.

People have to live together with the disease, just try to swallow this negative feeling, no one is not excited, no one is willing to live for the community.

An official living one day trying to enjoy one day, having a conversation about million people, what is the morality? The stone does not have skin, people’s endurance is not endless!
Nguyen Tien Tuong further commented: “Luxury villas, golf membership worth VND3 billion a year, eating in 5-star restaurants- luxury life of Prof. Thuan.”

With the argument that the Minister is only a citizen, journalist Nguyen Tien Tuong said: “In the context of the whole country rushing to find people to accompany Ms. Nhung to isolate, Minister Dung should have been treated as a special case that needs screening and monitoring. When the whole neighborhood, the whole commune is isolated, there can be no one single exception.

The fact that he is isolated in his home, not to mention unfair to other citizens, the ability to protect him and those around him is very low in non-specialized conditions. Remember, Prof. Thuan, who sat a few rows away from Nhung, became the 21st patient.

Minister Dung also went to Nghe An and interacted with many people. It is even more necessary to isolate and monitor him as a citizen. Although Mr. Dung is the minister, his background is also an ordinary person.

The Iranian vice president and the Mongolian president also enter the quarantine area. Any treat in the current context will create the discouragement of the whole society. Then the people will be more bewildered, everyone will be strong.

Therefore, it is advisable to invite citizen Dung to the isolation camp instead of leaving him at home and letting his subordinates respond to the press as a form of media propaganda. This is a pandemic, not a slouch like the 9 people flying to South Korea.

Before the 17th and 21st appearances, the online community in Vietnam gazed at clips of Iranian people kissing temples and shrines and laughing as the Covid-19 epidemic spread to Iran’s highest level of leadership. Now, just because of subjectivity, negligence in checking the entry of a flight, the apparatus of the Communist Party and Government of Vietnam is facing the same risk of Covid-19 infection as other countries. Do not rule out there will be deaths – because Vietnamese leaders such as General Secretary Trong and PM Phuc and many people over 60 of age lose the most because of this evil corona virus.

PM Phuc’s plan of “turning risks into opportunity,” restoring tourism in particular and the economy in general before the first quarter of 2020 seems to go with wind.

Hoang Trung from Ha Noi – (Translated)