Ho Duy Hai and Nguyen Van Chuong are victims of Vietnam crippled socialist brand of justice

Nguyen Hoa Binh, the typical face of the “crippled” justice system bearing the socialist brand

Through many sources, both public information to the outside that everyone knows about, and also information from inside, leaked by people working in the government apparatus, the image of Vietnam’s judicial system operates by money and by the will of those who have power. Only in Vietnam can there be pre-determined sentence, that is, a sentence that is determined before hearing, ordered by the will of the person with authority above. Regardless of witnesses, evidence, no matter how convincing the argument of the lawyer, the sentence is still pronounced according to the order issued in advance.

From the rescue flight case, the insider said, the case was manipulated by the money from the people who had sucked the blood of the people before. That is the truth about the so-called Socialist judiciary. It’s crippled like that.

It is known that on August 4, death row inmate Nguyen Van Chuong was sent to execute his death sentence. This case is considered a similar case to Ho Duy Hai. The controversial conclusion of the case, which has lasted for more than 8 years, has so far pointed to the oddities of inference, as well as the statements of the Hai Phong Investigative Police, demonstrating the determination to convict the death for that matter, a young man once wrote a letter of grievance with his own blood.

According to lawyer Hoang Van Quanh from the Hanoi Bar Association who defended Nguyen Van Chuong at the appellate hearing, said that in court, both Chuong and his brother claimed that they had been beaten, so they had to make false confession. The declarations under the signature, Chuong all wrote the word “EC” (ie forced to confess in Vietnamese).

The case file contains a number of lost documents, a record of injuries on the accused body when Chuong was returned to Tran Phu temporary detention center, he was injured and the facility health workers made a minute but it was not in his file.

When he was arrested, Chuong’s phone was confiscated. The defendant and his lawyer asked the investigative agency to restore the call and determine whether Chuong was present in Hai Phong on the evening of the murder, but this request was also not fulfilled.

The sandals, blue mask and short sword were seized at the scene, the Investigation Agency did not clarify whom they belonged to. The victim’s pants and bra were destroyed for unknown reasons.

During the process of the investigation, right from the investigation stage, the lawyers were harassed by the Hai Phong City Police, prolonging the time to issue defense certificates, and not allowing them to contact with the accused. They were forced to send their petitions to the Ministry of Public Security, the Supreme People’s Procuracy and the Deputy Prime Minister.

These are unusual signs that the authorities are not complying with the criminal procedure. Weaknesses and even unscrupulous intentions have led the prosecution agency to poke their hands in, distort the results of the investigation, and prevent those who seek the truth for the accused. In this respect, the Nguyen Van Chuong case is no different from the Ho Duy Hai case.

The way the judiciary operates based on power and money is becoming more and more blatant. There is almost no hope of a fair trial and investigation. Ho Duy Hai and Nguyen Van Chuong are two known victims of society. Certainly, in the nature of such a judicial system, the victims are not only Ho Duy Hai and Nguyen Van Chuong, but also many others who have been subjected to injustice.

An independent judiciary would minimize wrongdoing and bring about justice, but an imperative and will-only judiciary like this Socialist justice is extremely dangerous. Innocent people are falsely accused, while perpetrators of crimes are left out of the law. What is even more dangerous is that this type of judiciary refuses to reform, despite always calling for “judicial reform.” Because reform requires judicial independence, money and power must be removed from the courts. Therefore, the Communist judiciary will always be like that, no better.

Thoibao.de (Translated)

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