Collecting petitions by distributed Luu Binh Nhuong, are party chief Trong and police chief Lam afraid of?

Arresting Luu Binh Nhuong, To Lam’s police force reduces the fear of “mask falling”

On December 1, Thai Binh provincial Police said that the their Investigation Agency had requested provinces and cities to compile a list of receipts and processing results of documents that Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong sent in a capacity of National Assembly member (20162021 term) and the role of deputy head of the National Assembly People’s Petition Commission.

Up to now, Thai Binh Police still insist that Luu Binh Nhuong is involved with Pham Minh Cuong (aka Cuong “Quai“), in the act of “property appropriation.” The question is, the petitions that Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong has handed to the necessary agencies, at the request of the people, what does it have to do with Cuong Quat’s activities of looting sand mining enterprises? One way of accusation, but another way to collect evidence, this shows that the Luu Binh Nhuong case is a case of fabricating charges to destroy a person who was too enthusiastic about the injustice of the people.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the Thai Binh provincial Police used the charge of “property appropriation” pairing Nhuong with Cuong Quat, as just an excuse for conducting arrest. Because the police need to find a reason to arrest Luu Binh Nhuong. After locking him in a cell, they start investigating the petitions he sent out according to the wishes of the people.

A person who often has sharp comments about the law, in a group that is ignorant about the law, will be out of place. Speaking further, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong himself did not hesitate to give the opinion that if officials return corruption money, they will be forgiven. There is no rule of law state in the world that behaves like that.

Could it be that if you catch a robber, he just needs to return the money and he will be forgiven?

Meanwhile, Luu Binh Nhuong’s opinion on this issue is very clear. He replied to VTC News that officials who return corrupt money must also be severely punished. That is punishment for that person’s act of stealing or robbing. It is not the case that the victim did not lose money and will not be punished. Even if the thief returns the money and cover the consequences, the crime of theft still remains, but the crime cannot be erased.

This is the correct viewpoint, consistent with rule of law principles around the world. This statement from Nhuong was like a slap in the face of the party chief, making him “unable to swallow.” Without Nhuong, Trong would not have been exposed to such ignorance! Therefore, there is a reason why Nhuong had to pay a high price.

For someone who understands the law and dares to speak frankly, the Politburo both fears and hates him. Not only Nguyen Phu Trong, but also Minister of Public Security To Lam also dislikes Luu Binh Nhuong. In parliament, Nhuong repeatedly spoke against the police.

In fact, Lam borrowed the hands of Thai Binh Police to punish Nhuong. The Thai Binh Police needed to frame Mr. Nhuong in a crime related to a pimp, both to distract public opinion and to humiliate him.

Having the Thai Binh Police collect all the letters that Mr. Nhuong sent showed that Lam was afraid that these letters might somehow fall into the hands of “reactionaries”. The leak of a clip of opening his mouth to bite a piece of gold-plated beef is a bloody experience. Therefore, now, To Lam has to collect all the petitions that Nhuong sent.

A person who understands the law and used to be a lecturer at Hanoi Law University, Nhuong has proven that he is more knowledgeable than the rest, including high-ranking people with all kinds of degrees and titles. Therefore, Nhuong made those people both angry and afraid.

Surely, they will not leave him alone. The scary thing is, he caused the General  Secretary- a man with ambition to enter the “sacred temple” of the Party, along with late President Ho Chi Minh and late General Vo Nguyen Giap – to have his reputation affected. (Translated)