Leaving his ministry, General To Lam may need 50 hectares of land?

ccording to initial information, To Lam will concurrently hold two positions, both as State President and Minister of Public Security. This is considered a victory for To Lam.

However, at this time, the political scene fluctuates unpredictably. On the second working day of Vietnam’s National Assembly at its 7th session, a change occurred. An unfavorable signal for To Lam appeared, that is, the National Assembly dismissed To Lam from his position as Minister of Public Security. This is completely different from the announcement 2 days earlier by Bui Van Cuong – head of the National Assembly Office.

To Lam’s way of gaining power frightened many people, which also meant that To Lam made enemies with too many comrades in the Party.

Currently, in the Politburo, no one trusts To Lam anymore. It can be said that of the 16 members of the Politburo, 15 see To Lam as a threat. This causes To Lam himself to face real danger. Thus, To Lam is forced to keep the “superior sword” of the Ministry of Public Security to be able to save himself. If he is stripped of it, it will be considered that To Lam’s fate has been decided.

The battle for power becomes more and more fierce every day, To Lam must confront the entire Politburo, not just any force. Because everyone is afraid that To Lam will launch an investigation into his backyard and his corruption activities. Therefore, To Lam’s victory in the political arena is only temporary. Many factions are lying dormant, biding their time. Whenever To Lam’s power shows signs of weakening, anti-To troops will rebel in large numbers. At that time, it is difficult for To Lam to resist.

To Lam will become State President, but also wants to hold the position of Minister of Public Security. This will be a constant danger for any official. However, currently, General Secretary Trong holds more than half of the Politburo members. Once Trong is determined to eliminate To Lam, to avoid disaster, he will be able to do it. Because this determines political life of the party chief.

Even Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, in recent times, has been silently observing and waiting for the opportunity. If Trong takes action to destroy To Lam, PM Chinh will side with Trong, to eliminate the most dangerous opponent.

To Lam is not the same as former State President Vo Van Thuong, nor is he the same as Nguyen Xuan Phuc. These two people hardly made deep enemies with other figures in the Politburo.

To Lam is more similar to Tran Dai Quang who was a Minister of Public Security before being State President. Some observers assess that although Quang’s enemies are many, but their number is much smaller of the number of To Lam’s enemies. Quang did not attack his comrades as much as To Lam. In particular, Quang only started plotting to rebel, but did not come forward to rebel like To Lam.

Therefore, when To Lam lost control of the Ministry of Public Security, he will be in much more danger than late General Quang. Yet, was also eliminated by his “comrades” in a cruel way. If To Lam also falls into the same situation, would he be able to escape his comrade’s clutches?

Tran Dai Quang had to stay permanently on a land of nearly 50 hectares. The State Presidents after him were luckier, they only lost their positions. As for To Lam, if he loses the Ministry of Public Security, he should prepare 50 hectares of land for burring like his predecesor.

To Lam’s current position is that if he doesn’t kill others, he will be killed by the hands of his “comrades.”

So, in the current situation, if To Lam still wants to gain power, the only way is to be aggressive, brutal, defiant, disobey the law, and resist to the end. However, the consequences of this will be terrible, even beyond control.

The leadership fighting is becoming more and more fierce every day. The time has come when the forces within the Party fight each other openly. The later the movie gets, the better and more dramatic it will be.

Wait and see!