Dong Tam, the pain left behind

The Hanoi Court’s September 14 ruling with 29 Dong Tam land petitioners caused a shock to the entire Vietnamese people and it will certainly go into the history of the nation as the domination of barbarism.

The Communist Party of Vietnam rekindled the most brutal “three consecutive generations” of punishment that had been buried in Vietnamese feudal history hundreds of years ago.

2 death sentences, a life sentence, and hundreds of years in prison were imposed on 29 Dong Tam land petitioners on September 14 afternoon at Hanoi Court

After the execution of old party member Le Dinh Kinh, his descendants and grandchild received two additional death sentences and a life sentence. Meanwhile, everyone knows that before his death, Mr. Kinh still had faith in the Party and its General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. Tragedy and indignation to the extreme.

Oh the bleeding fields, the barbed wire trampled the evening sky“, the full-featured poem written by Nguyen Dinh Thi half a century ago suddenly appeared clear.

But as journalist Nguyen Huu Su said: “Vietnamese people do not dare to speak up in front of a forest of handcuffs 8 and a bayonet forest. And most likely coming here, the blood of these Dong Tam people will continue to blush the face of the regime. Handcuffs can handcuff any citizen who dares to speak up about this case. But no one can silence history.”

Among countless articles about this event, Blogger Người Buôn Gió (Wind Merchant) has a full narrative article titled “Dong Tam, left Pain” with the content is as follows:

The Dong Tam case created a lot of painful and angry feelings from both sides. There has never been such a case in which people’s emotions have been divided into two extremes. This is a nation’s misfortune, it will haunt the Vietnamese people for many more generations, a painful lesson, a dark moment, a deep wound cut into this Vietnamese nation’s heart. It will sting for a hundred years.

If you are a writer, a journalist, a historian, a culture or a sociologist. Today you do not show anything before what happened in Dong Tam. You will be nothing, your descendants later when reviewing the Dong Tam case, they will ask what you can show at that time?

Your children will lie to your grandchildren that – at that time grandpa, grandmother, grandfather … was working, traveling, doing business somewhere, ignorant?

Because of you, your child lied to your grandchild, to avoid the cowardice of the communist rulers. It is also humiliating, but it is even better if you are an impersonal writer, writing to serve the wrongs of the authorities.

Minister of Public Security General To Lam (the third person from the left) sits next to Lieutenant Colonel Dang Viet Quang, born in 1975, deputy head of the Criminal Police Department – Hanoi Police Department. – the person who testifies in the file that he shot Le Dinh Kinh 2 times and saw him collapsed

This article I write about martyrs, families of martyrs who died in Dong Tam (assuming they died really).

What do people think about heroic sacrifices, how history is about heroes of the armed forces. The first is the hero sacrifices to protect the homeland, against the invasion of enemies from other countries. After that they are the brave heroes facing the dangerous criminals who kill and rob … and then the heroes who sacrifice to save the lives of teammates, people in natural disasters and accidents.

Is there any hero in the army of thousands of elite soldiers, armed from toes to teeth, planning to storm a village in his own country, shoot fire on the people, and then 3 soldiers are defeated by the people tragic death?

A hero takes a little more and a lot, a hero in difficult moments transcends circumstances, in such an extraordinary way is called a hero.

The hero has thousands of soldiers, the equipment, the battle plan, carefully prepared from the commanders bearing the professorship, and the doctoral titles to attack the peasants with the old men and women and then carelessly die and become heroes. So, do you feel worthy of that title?

The more you paint the enemy, the more curious people become, and then they will be surprised and go find out. If they ask people around for more information, the lucky rate for you is only 10%, which is much they ask the street leaders, the neighborhood secretaries, the reunions. And 90% of them encounter ordinary people, who will give a dry answer.

Oh my gosh, they have not been terrorist nor try overthrow the regime. There are some peasants who have been robbed of land by the government for commercial land, disguised as defense land to rob, people refused, put thousands of soldiers to suppress, so they fell into the pit of death. That really is the case.

Lawyer Ngo Anh Tuan investigates, under the technical pit, there is an unburnt shell of electric wire, while the investigation concludes that the corpses of 3 police officers were completely charred. Previously, activist Trinh Ba Phuong discovered 3 things under the pit at the height of only 1.0m-1.4m, including: electrical wires, compression pads and plastic bags close to the wall have not be burned

The honoring three police officers by State President Nguyen Phu Trong and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc as proposed by Minister To Lam, in a hurry is aimed at hiding the mistakes of high-ranking leaders, who are ignorant of strategy, tactics, unique people. They take the title of hero to silence any question about the stupid persecution they directed.

The act of heroizing the dead officers at Dong Tam by the Vietnamese Politburo will not relieve the pain of the dead officers’ relatives. On the contrary, it is a shackle, a stinging sore that never heals in the heart of the deceased’s relative.

Mr. Le Dinh Kinh, with a broken leg, returned from hospital in 2017, was honored by the villagers with the same respect as a spiritual leader

The pain of the relatives of 3 officers who died in Dong Tam is not only the pain of permanently losing loved ones, such pain only lasts for decades, but the most painful and persistent pain is the pain of the way that how they lost their loved one.

It was agonizing and prolonged, because of how they died, it was historical,” Blogger Wind Merchant made the comment.

In another narrative angle, human rights lawyer Dang Dinh Manh posed the question “Who have the right to be unaffected with unjustice” with references to many prominent recent cases.

Sometimes, when we hear injustice, we think it’s the business of the world. Maybe in Van Giang, Tien Lang, Thu Thiem, Loc Hung Vegetable Garden, Dong Tam … but it’s not our house. It could be Nguyen Thanh Chan, Huynh Van Nen, Han Duc Long, Nguyen Van Chuong, Ho Duy Hai … but it will never be we who did nothing wrong, who did not dispute with who, those who respect the law, those who know the righteousness and honesty …

The people of Loc Hung Vegetable Garden who only respect God and love vegetables must have thought that way until the excavators appeared in front of the door, scratching their house into rubble for a while.

Thu Thiem villagers who once risked themselves to hide cadres, contributing to “liberating the South” sometimes thought that, until they were forced, the property was thrown to the door, people rushed to the sidewalk to arrest. early life screen.

Many people in Van Giang, Tien Lang, Thu Thiem, Loc Hung Vegetable Garden, Dong Tam … have also been indifferent, not thinking injustice will come to them until they come.

Police investigator Pham Viet Anh (left), whom Mr. Le Dinh Cong claimed to have beaten him for days during the pre-trial detention

Nguyen Thanh Chan, Huynh Van Nen, Han Duc Long, Nguyen Van Chuong, Ho Duy Hai … have never had any disputes with anyone. But unfortunately, their names “caught the eye” of the investigative agency to compensate for their inability, to replace the perpetrators who are roaming out of the law.

In Hanoi, you can walk along the side of Ngo Thi Nham street, where the injustice still believe their injustice will be lifted. They will tell you what they thought of injustice before it fell to their fate.

Have you ever seen pictures of people demanding justice on street? Have you ever watched a clip of a police officer asking the community to speak up because of injustice? And yet, if you still remember the person who climbed to the peak of fame, is a member of the Politburo, is a minister … wishes: “Treat the defendant like a human destiny,” it seems that the culmination also can’t save him from injustice when he has to go to proceedings?

Show that injustice like a voracious beast, it doesn’t come from anyone. After the black people, it has “beaten” both the swords and shields protecting the one-hearted regime” and the party and me and even the people who climbed to almost all fame.

Look at the mirror of Đồng Tâm, look at the mirror of elderly Kinh, and reflect on your status. Have you been a regime builder? Have you been a key leader in a locality? Are you up to nearly six decades old? If such a person is still a tragic symbol of injustice, who do you think you are immune to the injustice that awaits rife out there?

Injustice can happen to anyone and at any time, just don’t be naive to think that we can be immune when it falls to fate. Life has many choices, but to make the right choice, never forget the example of an old man in Dong Tam land, never,” Lawyer Dang Dinh Manh stated his opinion. (Translated)