Vietnam continues to abstain from voting on a new UN resolution on Russia’s war in Ukraine

The UN General Assembly votes on a new resolution on Russia’s war in Ukraine on March 24, 2022.

On March 24, the United Nations General Assembly (UN) adopted a resolution demanding that Russia immediately stop waging war in Ukraine, calling on the international community to increase humanitarian aid to the people of this country, and at the same time criticized Russia for creating a “catastrophic” humanitarian situation by invading its neighbor exactly a month earlier.

According to AFP, the resolution demanding the protection of civilians in Ukraine and allowing humanitarian relief received 140 votes in favor, five against Russia, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, and Belarus, and 38 countries abstained.

Vietnam continued to abstain from voting on this resolution as it did on March 2 to the UN General Assembly’s resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and calling for an immediate withdrawal of troops.

Vietnam’s state-controlled newspapers such as Tuoi Tre, VTV… reported on the voting event on March 24, but did not mention Vietnam’s abstention.

Vietnam has so far maintained a neutral stance on the war between Russia and Ukraine, although the Vietnamese ambassador to the UN made an official speech earlier this month affirming its adherence to UN principles.

Since the beginning of the war, Vietnam’s state-controlled media has not used the word aggression for the war but called it a special campaign according to the words of the Russian government.

Translated by from RFA: