What is the role of Vietnamese associations in espionage trial of Le Anh Tu in Germany?

Time to ask that question.

What was the purpose of the Vietnamese associations in Germany, and why did the embassy gather them into the General Association of Vietnamese people in Germany?

The establishment of the General Association of Vietnamese people throughout the German Federation was previously reported by Thoibao.de.

https://thoibao.de/blog/2022/08/29/thanh-lap-tong-hoi-nguoi-viet-toan-lien-bang-duc-dai-su-chi-dao-bo-quoc-phong- kiem-phieu/

Reviewing the activities of Vietnamese associations in the Federal Republic of Germany for many years, just that, if there is something in the home country that needs to be called for contributions, the association presidents will call in a knock-on style. each member, according to their wallet. The money raised will be brought to the embassy by some representative, or brought back to Vietnam to donate to organizations under the Vietnamese government. Representatives were honored to take pictures with Vietnamese leaders.

In Germany, associations meet to drink on New Year’s holidays or to summarize once a year. Their only gain is that when a member of the association dies, the association donates money to pay tribute.

In a written announcement by Ambassador Vu Quang Minh about the establishment of the German Federal Republic of Vietnam General Association, in addition to the General Association being an organization to collect money for charity as usual, there are a few more points, which are: The General Assembly represents the protection of the interests of the Vietnamese in the host country Germany.

The trial of Mr. Le Anh Tu in Germany for kidnapping Mr. Trinh Xuan Thanh

But recently, as thubao.de reported on the trial of the second person involved in kidnapping Mr. Trinh Xuan Thanh in Germany, Mr. Ambassador Vu Quang Minh and Vietnamese associations representing hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese in Germany did not have any comments?

These associations regularly operate in line with the guidelines of the Communist state of Vietnam, under the direction of Ambassador Vu Quang Minh. Why did the Communist state of Vietnam insist that Mr. Trinh Xuan Thanh surrendered, but Germany brought Vietnamese citizens, one after another, to trial for kidnapping, the unions had no opinion?.


Do these associations realize that the assertion of the Vietnamese state is a lie, so they do not protect Le Anh Tu?

Obviously from the official point of view of the Communist state of Vietnam, Mr. Le Anh Tu was unfairly tried. A Vietnamese citizen has been wrongly convicted, no association has spoken out in defense, so that the wrongfully convicted victim has to suffer alone and alone in court, what do those associations represent and help whom? .

Or Mr. Ambassador Vu Quang Minh’s intention to create the General Assembly was just to help the Communist state of Vietnam collect money?

One of his cats was raised, cared for and put on the VIP cabin of the plane. It sneezes, runny nose he all reported on his Facebook. But a man with a family, a wife and children who was wrongly tried, he ignored. Isn’t Vietnamese life equal to the cat the ambassador has?

Mr. Vietnamese Ambassador to Duc Vu Quang Minh

On the occasion of the last Lunar New Year, the Vietnamese Embassy held a community Tet, distributing invitations according to choice, the number of which reached thousands of people. Partying and drinking coffee, excess food, free wine with unlimited volume. Luxury clothes, brand names racing to show off, laughing and talking gloatingly.

But the trial of citizen Le Anh Tu, if from the point of view of the Communist state of Vietnam is wrong, why no Vietnamese people came to the court to support him?

The ambassador cared about his cat more than the Vietnamese citizens, and the people of the association were no less, they scrambled to eat, messed with invitations, and took pictures to show off. There was a matter with their countryman, and none of the thousands of people could say a word. Not even the community press, the journalist association or whatever.

Such avoidance of the Ambassador and the other Vietnamese associations, in this respect they slap themselves in the face for the criterion of representing and protecting the interests of the Vietnamese people, but from another angle, they helped people to understand the deceitful face of the Vietnamese state when the authorities in the home country announced that Trinh Xuan Thanh had confessed to himself, but had not been abducted a.

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