Vietnamese communist chief’s vicious circle: Raising mice and killing them

Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong hits the mouse, but he also raises the mouse

On October 6, 2014, when it came to anti-corruption, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong of the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam said: “You have to be calm, sober, very wise, have a strategic eye. Uncle Ho taught, our ancestors taught to kill the mouse but not to break the vase, how to kill the mouse and protect the vase. That is to keep the stability.”

2014 is the year that the political strength of Trong began to strengthen and can be compared with the power of then Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. Trong likened the corrupted officials to rats, he must also be referring to his political opponent. In 2006, both Dung and Trong entered the Four Pillars at the same time. Trong was elected as the chairman of the National Assembly- the weakest of the Four Pillars while Dung held powerful post of PM.

Thus, Trong is not the person who arranged for Dung to enter the Four Pillars. However, until the 12th National Congress in 2016, and then the 13th Congress in 2021, Trong played a big role in arranging personnel in the Party Central Committee and the Politburo. With the title of Head of the Human Resources Subcommittee of the congresses, Trong must also be responsible for the quality of personnel in the Party Central Committee.

When Trong was not a person who could arrange personnel for the Party Central Committee, rats emerged not as much as now. Thus, when Mr. Trong involved deeply into the personnel issue of the Party Central Committee, “rats” emerged more than ever. The idea that Mr. Trong set up an incinerator would make the Party cleaner, but the more it burned, the dirtier the Party became. So where is the responsibility of Trong and who can punish him with the role of choosing people but choosing only “rats“?

For example, Nguyen Thanh Long, who was once a deputy to Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, was transferred to the Central Commission for Propaganda and Education as deputy to Mr. Vo Van Thuong. Then, transferred back to the Ministry of Health to take over the position of minister left by Mr. Vu Duc Dam. How is this process explained?

It is known that the Central Commission for Propaganda and Education is a part of the Secretariat headed by Trong. The fact that Trong dragged Nguyen Thanh Long to the Secretariat, like how Trong called Long into his office to teach, and then returned to the Government (the Secretariat is considered the office of the General Secretary, and The Government is like the Prime Minister’s house).

Long is considered to be the one who was “raised” by Mr. Trong, but in the end, Trong turned him in a giant “rat.” Long let Viet A spread the octopus’s trunk across Vietnam, sucking the life out of the sick, earning thousands of billions of dong. This is a clear demonstration of how raised mice and then trapped them. Does that mean that Trong is a “confused old man” or not?

Trong is Head of the Human Resources Subcommittee of the 13th National Congress, but not yet halfway through the 13th Party Central Committee term, rats have swarmed up and cannot be eradicated. In the corruption of this regime, Trong should have been the one to bear the greatest responsibility. However, the part “raising the mouse” and releasing the mouse everywhere was cleverly covered, while the part about hitting the mouse, people praised Mr. Trong to the heaven.

This country is only known as a high growth rate, but if you look deeply at the society, it is very broken. Social ethics deteriorated, official ethics were extremely low. The people were starving, but they had to pay large sums of money to the Party, and then let the officials take advantage. No official in any country has ever seen an opportunity to gnaw at a time when his compatriots had a disaster. Trong has been leading the Communist Party for more than 10 years, what did he do to make the people so miserable? What did he do that his Party produced so many rats? (Translated)