What is truth behind third-class Labor Medal of Van Thinh Phat owner?

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong

Secret information cannot elude social network users. The latest, the information “In 2011, Ms. Truong My Lan was awarded the Third Class Labor Medal by the State of Vietnam” made public opinion extremely surprised.

Most scandals related to major “fraud” cases have the appearance of the “3rd Class Labor Medal” of the Vietnamese state. Previously, Viet A Joint Stock Company was also given a gift by General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong, which is a bitter example.

But perhaps, the person who signed the Third Class Labor Medal for Ms. Truong My Lan and Van Thinh Phat Group was not Nguyen Phu Trong, but the person who signed it at that time was State President Truong Tan Sang.

It should be recalled that in 2014, in the trial of Duong Tu Trong, there was Duong Chi Dung as a witness. Duong Chi Dung is the brother of Duong Tu Trong, former chairman of the Board of Members of Vietnam Maritime Corporation (Vinalines), who was sentenced to death in a previous trial. This time, Dung told the court that he received $1 million from Truong My Lan to transfer to Senior Lieutenant General Pham Quy Ngo, Deputy Minister of Public Security, and $500,000 to then Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang. This is a “briefing” money for converting the use of Nha Rong Port-Khanh Hoi land, in District 4, after Saigon Port relocated.

Fortunately for Truong My Lan, after the testimony of death row prisoner Duong Chi Dung about the bribery mentioned above, Senior Lieutenant General Pham Quy Ngo suddenly passed away “mysteriously” for unknown reasons. Experts revealed that there is a high possibility that Gen. Ngo was “exterminated.”

So that case sank in due course, Truong My Lan was innocent, and was considered “inviolable” proving that Lan had a very large umbrella protecting her.

In addition, the Panama Papers, the largest document leak in world history, revealed how the rich and powerful transferred money abroad. According to data published in May 2016, from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), in the “Panama Papers” were named Truong My Lan and her husband Eric Chu Nap Kee, aka Chu Lap Co.

Listing the above issues to see, even though the couple Chu Lap Co and Truong My Lan, have many signs showing that they are doing business illegally and are not eligible to be awarded the Labor Medal. However, clearly, Truong Tan Sang used the power of the State President to sign. Not only for the purpose of creating fame and prestige for Truong My Lan, to facilitate business as well as to commit fraud.

That is a common practice of shady, opaque businesses, so they often have to create cover-ups, with unclear goals.

For a long time, Van Thinh Phat’s growth was closely linked to the promotion process of Le Thanh Hai. Le Thanh Hai was Truong Tan Sang’s junior, from the time when Truong Tan Sang was still Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, in the 1996-2000 period.

Not only did Le Thanh Hai build his power in the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, but he also became the “lord of Saigon” from 2006 to 2015.

Please add, one of the reasons why General Secretary Trong did not dare to deal with the “worm lord” Le Thanh Hai was also because of the alliance between Trong and Sang against former Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in the 2011-2015 period. Finally, with the failure of Dung in the race for the General Secretary position at the 12th National Congress in early 2016, Nguyen Phu Trong became General Secretary for the 2nd term.

Furthermore, Le Thanh Hai has had 3 term as a member of the Central Committee, including two tenures as a member of the Politburo. Mr. Le Thanh Hai thoroughly understands the “deep secrets of history” infighting and struggle for power within the Party.

It is reported that Le Thanh Hai sent a message to General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong saying that he was irresponsible before, so now don’t force others to take responsibility for him.

That is the reason why, even in his position as General Secretary, Trong often “avoided” Le Thanh Hai. Experts said:

Another unusual thing about Nguyen Phu Trong is that since he became General Secretary of the 11th and 12th term, almost not once did he set foot to participate in activities with the Party Committees in Saigon in particular, and in the South in general. Trong only came to Saigon a few times to attend the April 30 anniversary, and the last time was to Kien Giang – where he had a stroke on April 17, 2019.”

Finally, just 12 years after being awarded the Third Class Labor Medal, Truong My Lan was confirmed by the Ministry of Public Security that she had used tricks to dominate the operations of SCB Bank and had appropriated a large amount of money up to $12.3 billion.

This shows us that the management and supervision system of the current political system in Vietnam has completely lost its effectiveness. Not only is it influenced by the interests of the political forces within the Party, when the opponent’s defeat becomes the “victory” of the “rival” force.

Therefore, we should never believe that the Party’s anti-corruption work will be successful.

Thoibao.de (Translated)