Central Agency for Health Care takes care for senior officials or poisons targetted ones?

The Communist Party of Vietnam established the Central Agency for Health Care which has duty to take care of the health of high-ranking officials. Thus, the higher the level an officer is, the more preferential treatment he or she will enjoy. This is unequal treatment, a form of class discrimination, which the Party itself always rejects.

The agency is like the Party’s Ministry of Health. Ministers of Health whose term expires, if they are professionally good and are trusted by the General Secretary, will be assigned the position of Head of this agency. The mission of this agency is to care for and improve the health of senior officials under control of the Politburo and the Secretariat, both current and retired.

Despite such special treatment, in recent years, sick officials often choose to go abroad for medical treatment, rather than being taken care of by this agencyd. Some examples Nguyen Ba Thanh went to the US, Phung Quang Thanh went to France, Tran Dai Quang went to Japan,; Le Van Thanh went to Japan, etc. However, only Nguyen Phu Trong, despite falling ill many times, only chose to be treated domestically, not abroad.

If the quality of foreign medical examination and treatment is better, then why did Trong choose domestic treatment? And if it is said that the Central Agency for Health Care’s medical treatment is no worse than that of foreign countries, then why do many officials choose to go abroad for medical treatment?

A source told us that for a long time, the Central Agency for Health Care has become a tool for factions to control their opponents’ health. Health information can become an important factor, which factions use to eliminate each other on the political chessboard. Therefore, no one wants their health status to be known by this agency, so high-ranking officials refuse the incentives the Party gives them.

Another reason, arguably the most important, is that the agency may engage in infighting. That is, instead of curing the disease, they make it more serious, thereby helping the faction eliminate opponents from the political arena.

For the above reasons, officials who want to protect their own health should choose to go abroad for medical examination and treatment. Hospitals abroad have the sole purpose of saving people. As for hospitals in Vietnam, for many reasons, they may put “political tasks” above the conscience of the medical profession.

Almost in the Party, not many people believe in the care of the Central Agency for Health Care. Even General Secretary Trong, despite choosing to be treated domestically, still believes in Chinese doctors more than he believes in doctors from Military Hospital 108. As long as one medical staff member is from his opponent, his life will be over.

An internal source told us that Nguyen Quoc Trieu – former head of the Central Agency for Health Care, former Minister of Health, is infected with a “strange disease” like former State President Quang. Trieu has been responsible for many years of “health care” for “comrades” and now he himself is poisoned by “comrades”?

Gen. Vinh died of “cancer.” Internal sources said that Vinh died because he “knew too much.” He used to be Director General of the Military Intelligence Department. When he retired, he was unable to protect himself, so he contracted a mysterious illness. Vinh did not go to China, so it is difficult to suspect that Chinese agents acted. There is only a possibility that he was “taken care of” by his “comrades.” Of course, Vinh is also under the care of the Central Agency for Health Care.

Trieu is a person who knows a lot of information about the illnesses of comrades in the Central Committee. He is also the type of person who “knows too much,” similar to Mr. Nguyen Chi Vinh.


Hoang Phuc – Thoibao.de