Another Vietnamese arrested in UK’s crackdown on human trafficking networks

The truck which was discovered with 39 bodies of Vietnamese migrants suffocated in Thurrock, England, on October 23, 2019.

A Vietnamese man in the United Kingdom has just been arrested in connection with a network of smuggling his compatriots to the UK.

Mai Van Nguyen, 32, was arrested on 8 February in Birmingham during a police raid against a network of people smuggling from Vietnam to the UK, part of a campaign to crackdown on human trafficking networks in the UK after when 39 Vietnamese people suffocated to death in a truck in 2019.

Mai Van Nguyen was charged with two offenses: conspiracy to assist illegal immigration and money laundering, The National News reported.

Last month, Belgium jailed a Vietnamese man who led a trafficking gang for his involvement in the deaths of 39 Vietnamese victims. Vo Van Hong, 45 years old, the head of a people-smuggling gang in Belgium was sentenced to 15 years in prison for manslaughter.

The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) launched a new round of raids in Liverpool, northern England, on February 8.

Mai Van Nguyen’s arrest is the beginning of the latest phase in Britain’s investigation after the tragedy of 39 Vietnamese migrants.

Several people have been arrested before and two have been charged. Among them is Ho Sy Quoc, 22, of Birmingham, who was arrested in September 2021 and is due to appear at Birmingham Crown Court on February 28.

These groups of people treat people like a commodity for profit and (they) are quite happy to put the lives of well-off people at risk,” The National News quoted NCA Branch Director Paul Boniface as saying. He also said that the NCA is determined to stop trafficking groups “at all costs.”

The NCA is the UK’s leading agency for dealing with organized crime gangs involved in smuggling and human trafficking.

British media say while much of the attention has focused on the growing crisis of small boat migrants in the English Channel, thousands are still being smuggled into the UK. on trucks every year. (Translated)


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