Is it because of ignorance or evil that Police chief To Lam and his ministry push businesses into misery?

The more General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong increases the privileges for the police, the more insecure society becomes

Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security is placed above the law and is allowed to step on the law to carry out the Party’s instructions, which is a very bad thing.

This makes society more and more chaotic, even though the Ministry of Public Security has increased its budget and human resources from taxpayers’ money.

If society is in chaos, it is necessary to strengthen the police (both human resources and incentives), and the more they strengthen, the more the police will cause more chaos in society… This is the vicious cycle that the Communist Party is doing to keep the fake stability of the society.

In fact, the Vietnamese police have too many officers and soldiers. The civil defense force and neighborhood protection force are all under the control of the police. Every street corner has police. On the street, traffic police are dense, causing traffic participants to always be on guard.

Although there are many police officers, Vietnamese society is extremely insecure. If you ride a motorbike, you have to find a place to park it, otherwise, it will be stolen. Using a phone on the street is very dangerous as gangsters are everywhere. Meanwhile, in other countries, it is rare to encounter police, but society is extremely peaceful, for example Thailand.

The key issue is, why the more we strengthen the police force, the more chaotic society becomes? The simple reason is that the Vietnamese Police are taking advantage of the Party’s incentives for them to carry out illegal actions, such as protecting criminals and using the privileges given by the Party to make profits for themselves.

Everyone understands that Vietnam’s traffic police are dense, but they only stop people from making money, not for a traffic-safe society. Everyone knows that Vietnam’s anti-drug police are very powerful, but drugs are offered in many places and drug addicts are everywhere.

Some business owners who have had problems with the police told us that they were victims of the Vietnamese Police. Because when there is a problem and they are arrested by the police, they are not treated fairly. They were forced by the police, the procuracy and the courts to pay for their cases and who pay more will get lighter punishement. They do not have the right to speak equally with the police, because the police have too much power to impose on them and force them to accept.

For example, in the case of medical equipment bidding violations, which occurred at the Tay Ninh Department of Health, which was tried recently. According to the indictment, the Investigation Agency took the winning bid value of nearly VND28 billion, subtracted the total purchase value of more than VND14.8 billion, from there, determined the damage by the value of the difference between output and input is VND13.2 billion.

This is a very forced calculation. Because if calculated correctly, costs such as warehousing, transportation, warranty, maintenance, training and technology transfer, etc. must be added. However, the Police have ignored and ignored these costs intentionally, to siphon money back to the state, and at the same time, the police success is bigger so they can get more promotion.

With this type of mentality, either the police are too stupid, or they are intentionally robbing businesses in an incomparably wretched way.

In fact, the police take money from businesses. First of all, the police make money with the defendants who were forced to give money with hope to get lighter punishment. Then they calculate the damage price very closely according to the absurd calculation method mentioned above for the purpose: both to cover up the bribery they get, and to serve their personal “career path promotion” through the achievement of recovering large amounts of money for the state. Therefore, if businesses fall into the hands of the police, no business can survive; they will be deliberately destroyed by the police.

Many businesses that are touched by the police have no chance to demand fair treatment from the police, because the Party has given them too much power.

Should have been, if the police treated businesses fairly, businesses would have a chance to do it again, after paying the price for their violations before the law. As for the Vietnamese Police, they ruthlessly destroy businesses. Almost every business that gets involved with the police has no chance to recover.

This is a very serious problem, the economic police are abusing their power to horribly massacre businesses. That is one of the causes of indiscriminate killing of businesses in the Vietnamese economy. (Translated)