Overthrow feudal system to establish mechanism of princelings becoming country’s key leaders

Politburo member, Head of the Central Economic Commission Tran Tuan Anh – a typical example of the scandalous red princeling

The issue of giving priority to state officials’ relatvies in personnel appointing has become an unwritten rule in Vietnam. That is the re-establishment of the princelings becoming country’s key leaders” mechanism of the Vietnamese Communists.

For a long time, the children and grandchildren of high-ranking officials in Vietnam have been favored and supported. Then, after a short time, they received high power and important positions in the Party and state apparatus.

Public opinion sees that, if those young people are truly talented, brave, and strive on their own, on the basis of a fair, competitive working environment, then there is nothing to say, which is even a good thing. But if on the contrary, promotion is not due to their ability or efforts, then these are very harmful consequences. The parents of these officials have helped their children to hinder the country’s development.

The situation of state officials’ relatives get privilege in promotion has persisted, and has become an accepted problem. Some people clicked their tongues and let it go, but there were also people who cursed these leaders on social networks, saying:

All their lives for themselves and their relatives

Who cares for the country now?

The story of Vice Chairman of Tan Binh district Truong Tan Son – the son of former State President Truong Tan Sang – being transferred to his hometown in Long An province, was turned into an important event by state media. It is known that compared to the children of other leading officials in the Party, Truong Tan Son appears pale. According to knowledgeable people, “Son couldn’t do anything to resonate with the public.”

Mr. Truong Tan Son, 39 years old, from Long An, has a professional qualification of Master of International Business; Construction engineer; Political theory certificate.

Before becoming Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Tan Binh District, Mr. Son was deputy general director of Saigon Tourism Corporation (Saigontourist).

Obviously, Truong Tan Son’s promotion process is quite “sluggish“, compared to the promotion of the children of former Prime Minister Dung – a political opponent of his father.

While the two sons of former PM Nguyen Tan Dung, Nguyen Thanh Nghi is Minister of Construction, and Nguyen Minh Triet is also Chairman of the Vietnamese Student Association, how can Sang let his child is inferior?

According to knowledgeable people, Sang brought his son Truong Tan Son to Long An, with the purpose of being elected to the Provincial Party Committee of Long An province in the near future. In the next step, Truong Tan Son will be appointed Secretary of the Long An Provincial Party Committee at the Long An Provincial Party Congress in 2025.

At that time, Truong Tan Son was 42 years old. To be admitted to the Politburo at the 16th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, in 2036, according to current mandatory standards, must have two terms as a member of the Party Central Committee and be under 65 years old.

Sang took Truong Tan Son to his hometown of Long An, where he had great influence on the Party Committee of Long An province. Furthermore, the current Secretary of the Long An Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Duoc is a person who has received a lot of favor from Sang and has reached retirement age.

The fact that senior leaders in Vietnam often use every trick, taking advantage of their positions, to get their children promoted, only appeared publicly and popularly during the time Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung held the position of Prime Minister. That was also the time that Nong Duc Manh held the position of General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, terms IX and X, since 1997.

Since then, the evil of the descendants of the highest-ranking officials being appointed and holding high positions has become more common than ever. That is something that was not or was rarely seen in previous Communist leaders, before the 1986 reform.

Mr. Le Duan, Truong Chinh, Vo Nguyen Giap, Chu Huy Man, Van Tien Dung, Le Trong Tan… are Communist leaders with great prestige and power. So why don’t they put their children in important positions, like leading officials in Vietnam today?

The root cause certainly lies beyond the impact of the “Socialist-oriented” market economy. When Vietnam’s leaders lost their Communist qualities, they only worried about taking care of themselves and their families.

There are no parents who do not love their children, no one who does not do their best for their children’s careers and lives. But that is only allowed within the family. National leaders must make a clear distinction between state affairs and family affairs, so that people will respect them.

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong is famous for not putting his children in the “big chair.” But up to now, Mr. Trong cannot bear to watch the children of his comrades advance. Recently, General Trong appointed his son – Mr. Nguyen Phu Truong – to the position of Chief of the Office of the Central Commission on Propaganda and Education, to create a premise for the position of head of the agency, to succeed his father.

The fact that the children of leaders continue to follow in their father’s footsteps to “become senior officials” does not see blessings anywhere, only that this has certainly become a disaster for the country and the people.

The fact that the leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam monopolize the political arena, including the factor of keeping the key positions for themselves, is a real thing.

Thoibao.de (Translated)