With high possibility of instability, To Lam quickly joins hands with China to prepare to suppress protests and riots?

General To Lam, Politburo member, Minister of Public Security, receiving Chief of Staff of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Zhou Jianguo

Up to now, the Communist Party of Vietnam and its government have always affirmed “Taking the people as the foundation.” This is considered the goal, guidelines, guidelines and policies of the Party and State of Vietnam.

On February 20, at the Workshop “Promoting the strength of great national unity for rich people, strong country, fair, democratic and civilized society,” Standing Secretary of the Secretariat Vo Van Thuong affirmed:

The people are the root, the focus, the center of all policy decisions. People’s hearts and people’s satisfaction are the most important measure of the quality of the Party and State’s guidelines and policies.”

Politburo member Thuong also emphasized “besides the interests of the people, the Party has no other interests.” As he puts it, it can be understood that the legitimate and legitimate interests of the people must be the important starting point of all guidelines and policies of the Party, policies and laws of the state.

Public opinion finds that Thuong’s statements are only demagogic and contrary to reality. Because the leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam always consider the vast majority of the Vietnamese people to be hostile forces.

Nhan Dan Newspaper on November 22, in the news, “Promoting cooperation with the Chinese People’s Armed Police” said “On the afternoon of November 21, in Hanoi, General To Lam, Politburo member and Minister of Public Security, received Chief of Staff of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Zhou Jianguo.”

Accordingly, to further develop the cooperative relationship between the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and the People’s Armed Police of China, Minister To Lam proposed that the two sides research, support and organize training courses for officers of anti-terrorism, anti-demonstration, riot, and target protection forces; share work experiences, conduct joint exercises, and coordinate to solve common problems.

In response, Chief of Staff of the Chinese People’s Armed Police, Mr. Zhou Jianguo, affirmed that promoting the cooperative relationship between the Chinese People’s Armed Police and the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security is important and will develop further.

According to observers, this is the second time in a row in the last two months that Minister of Public Security To Lam has met with top Chinese officials to discuss national security, including protecting national security, protect the regime and suppress protests.

Previously, in mid-September 2023, during a visit to Beijing, To Lam was invited by Chinese leaders, such as Secretary of the Chinese Central Political Commission and Chinese Minister of Justice welcomed and discussed.

To Lam’s concern about the issue of protests and riots shows that the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam has sensed the existing instability in the minds of the people. On social networks, people openly expressed their discontent about corruption to the point of losing control, of which the Van Thinh Phat case is a typical example.

More dangerously, not only is the people insecure, but there are also deep divisions within the Party. Experts say that the tension between National Assembly deputies and Government officials is real, is present and has been clearly shown in the National Assembly recently.

This is considered a manifestation of “self-evolution and self-transformation” within the Party. This is the biggest concern today of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s leadership. There is a risk of the Party’s comprehensive control, from the National Assembly or the Government, which at the highest level can lead to a tendency to “insurrection“, overwhelming or ignoring the Party’s absolute leadership.

That is one of the reasons why the Party leadership decided to urgently arrest former National Assembly member and Deputy of the National Assembly’s People’s Petition Commission Luu Binh Nhuong. This is the method of “killing chickens to scare monkeys.” At the same time, it is also a message from the Communist Party leadership, warning National representatives as well as Government officials, to be careful and not to cross the red line.

Analysts find that Minister To Lam’s request for Beijing to “support the organization of training courses and staff training for anti-protest forces” is a serious violation of the Vietnamese Constitution.

According to Article 25, the 2013 Constitution clearly stipulates: “… citizens have the right to freedom of assembly, association, and demonstration.”

This was also expressed in Vietnam’s first Constitution, 1946. But until now, after 77 years, the Ministry of Public Security is still deliberately delaying, not letting the National Assembly enact a Law on Demonstrations.  Perhaps, the law will never be passed under the Communist regime, even though the Constitution considers it a citizen’s right.

That is why, many veteran Revolutionary cadres, called the August 1945 Revolution a Revolution betrayed by the Communist Party of Vietnam.

To this day, the Vietnamese people are still deprived, not only of the right to freedom of speech, the right to assemble and protest, but also the right to life and the right to be human.

Thoibao.de (Translated)